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Exklusive Weltpremiere: Adam Greens neues Video zu „Nature of the Clown"

Hier ist Greens neuestes Video für sein Aladdin-Remake. Der Song handelt von der Merkwürdigkeit eines Dreiers.

Es ist ein großes Jahr für Noiseys liebsten Art-Pop-Exzentriker Adam Green. Wir haben die exklusive Weltpremiere seines neuen Videos „The Nature of the Clown", am besten wir lassen Adam selbst zu Wort kommen:

Hey Noisey Readers!

I made a movie that’s coming out in a few weeks called Adam Green’s Aladdin. This is the second video from the soundtrack album to the movie and I’m also embarking on a world tour this year dressed as Aladdin. The song is called “Nature of the Clown” and I’m pretty sure I will play it live! Here’s some thoughts on what it’s about…


I’ve always been fascinated with unconventional relationships, especially ones where the couples remain close and honest with each other. I was friends with a girl-band duo, and we experimented with the idea of the three of us being in a relationship together. Suddenly I was like the Punk Hugh Hefner! That was pretty mind-blowing, I can’t say that it went smoothly for the whole time though. I think the “Nature of The Clown” song comes from a place of wanting to break out of something normal, it’s about balancing the foolish and carefree nature of lust with the nurturing responsibilities of being a mature adult—like conspiring and scheming with a lover to get more of what you both want without breaking the camel’s back. (Maybe that’s why I’m on a camel in the video.) Don’t think I’m a stranger to monogamy! I’ve done some pretty sloppy touring while still remaining faithful.

I recorded this song in LA with producer Noah Georgeson. We assembled the ultimate band out there—Rodrigo Amarante (Little Joy, Solo) on the guitar, Josiah Steinbrick (Devendra Banhart, Cate Le Bon) on bass, and Stella Mozgawa (Warpaint) on drums. Listen to these guys play on this shit, they are maniacal!

The video was shot mostly at the Fondation Beyeler Museum in Basel, Switzerland. I had an exhibit there of the props and sets from my movie. Adam Green's Aladdin Movie erscheint am 12. Mai (über iTunes, Amazon VOD, Vimeo und Der Film wird auf Deutsch, Französisch, Spanisch und Italienisch untertitelt)


Das Soundtrack-Album erscheint am 29. April

Adam Green Tourdaten/Filmscreenings:

23. April - Zürich, Riff Raff (Schweizer Filmpremiere)

29. April - Berlin, Il Kino (Deutsche Filmpremiere)

2. Mai - Berlin, Lido (Konzert + Film)

4. Mai - Wien, Flex (Konzert + Film)

5. Mai - Zürich, Papiersaal (Konzert + Film)

6. Mai - Frankfurt, Zoom (Konzert + Film)

7. Mai - Köln, Gebäude 9 (Konzert + Film)

10.-13. August - Luhmühlen, A Summer’s Tale Festival

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