Bingewatching: Wie ich versuche, von meiner Streaming-Sucht loszukommen

Wenn ich ehrlich bin: Das letzte Jahr habe ich mit Laptop auf den Beinen im Bett verbracht.

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Would You Fuck Yourself? Fans Talk About the TV Trope ‘Selfcest.’

“It's actually a win-win situation.”

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The 'Love Island' 2021 Power Ranking: Week Four

Finally, some good old-fashioned mess.

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This Comedian Shows How Dumb the ‘Critical Race Theory’ Panic Is

VICE spoke to Walter Masterson to figure out why he attended a school board meeting pretending to be upset about critical race theory.

The Creepy Doll Adoption Agency | Side Hustles

He’s a bartender and she’s a school psychologist, but, on the side, they help haunted or otherwise creepy toys find new homes.

The Story of "A Thousand Miles" by Vanessa Carlton

Vanessa Carlton wrote “A Thousand Miles”, in her childhood home as a teenager.

Spider Cuz: New York’s Own Shit-Talking Superhero

We don’t know his real identity, but we know he’s Spider-Cuz, a real New York superhero from the hood with a six-figure Instagram following.

The Dancing Pallbearers of Ghana | Behind the Meme

With death at the forefront of everyones’ minds during the Coronavirus outbreak, it's no surprise that one of the biggest memes to come out of the COVID 19 pandemic is a video of Ghanain pallbearers dancing with a coffin at a funeral.

I Ordered Amazon’s Worst-Rated Hair Wax Strips

A pandemic won’t stop Taji when it comes to getting to the bottom of bad reviews.

Life and Love in India: the Nupi Maanbi Relationships of Imphal

We meet with activist Santa Khurai, trans couple Helena and Vaskar, and Jenny Khurai to understand the realities and difficulties of finding love and maintaining relationships as trans women in Imphal.

Conservatives and Progressives Debate Feminism (Extended Version)

Progressive and conservative women hash it out in the VICE office.

Mystery Girl: The Other Loch Ness Monster

The world is riddled with strange and unsolved mysteries. VICE's Amelia Dimoldenberg is on a mission to investigate and crack them once and for all.

The Trackmasters

In deze korte documentaire volgen we The Track Masters, twee legendarische producers uit New York, terwijl ze werken aan nieuwe muziek in Amsterdam.

How to Treat Casino Dealers, According to Casino Dealers

Casino dealers share the do's and don'ts of gambling, proper tipping protocols, and how to behave in a casino (pro-tip: there's cameras watching you everywhere).

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