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We Know You're Sick of Baconmania, but Get This App

Shit like baconaise has been chaffing our pork butts for a while now. But Meat Hook's Tom Mylan's new "Better Bacon Book" app has put our faith back in cured pork.
VICE Staff
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Baconmania has been chaffing our pork butts for a while now. People took it too damn far with goofball shit like bacon soap, bacon-scented cologne, and bacon dental floss. It's not that we don't love delectable cured slabs of swine, it's that we're afraid someone is going to come out with a bacon dental dam or bacon-flavored laxatives and you idiots are going to eat it up. We just want good old, brutally killed and mutilated piggy flesh strips for breakfast and occasionally in little crunchy bits on our salads.


So we are happy to see that Tom Mylan, executive butcher at Meat Hook in Brooklyn (and soon to be columnist), and Ari Weinzweig, owner of Zingerman’s Deli in Ann Arbor, have come together to smash pure pig skin down into tiny ones and zeros to create the no bullshit Better Bacon Book app that stands as the definitive place for all things concerning bacon. These experts in the other white meat don't waste time on bacon bras or gummy bacon snacks. Instead, they get down to the nitty gritty, exploring the history and the regional differences in bacon preparation.

And then there are the app's 20 videos and 30 plus bacon-themed recipes, which cover cocktails, snacks, side dishes, and all the major meals. What's great about these dishes is that they don't try to force bacon in places where it doesn't belong. For example, the app offers a long list of spirits that shouldn't be mixed with bacon. They explain that Abinsthe and bacon together is, "Undrinkable. A goddamn waste of two glorious ingredients…" How can a digital book about bacon be more forthright than that?

Don't believe the cash grab bacon hype. The Better Bacon Book reminds uswhatbacon is here for—eating and enjoying, not to make us smell good or get the asparagus out of our teeth.

You can purchase The Better Bacon Book app on iTunes store for $4.99.

To see Tom Mylan go H.A.M. on a pig carcass, check out the video below: