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A Better Explanation Than Bath Salts

The condition, known generally as excited delirium, is characterized primarily by a sudden onset of bizarre and uncharacteristically intense aggressive behavior.

Last week was a weird one, huh? I’m sure you know what I’m talking about by now, but if you somehow missed it, a bunch of people were caught eating and dismembering other people. Most notably, there was a guy in Miami who ate a homeless guy’s leathery homeless face. He was shot to death by policemen after he growled at them with a mouth full of flesh. Most people are blaming bath salts for these violent acts, which is the result of media-hyped churnalism that we called bullshit on earlier this week. Instead of the mysterious bath salts, there’s another potential source for this wild week in crime. It’s a drug-induced medical condition called Excited Delirium Syndrome (ExDS), and it is more horrifying than any sort of Bath and Bodyworks-inspired brain powder.


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