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Brooke Candy Dressed Up As That Ponytailed Street Fighter Character for a Video

Remember when you went through that phase where you pretty much did nothing but masturbate and play fighting video games? Remember how you fantasized about Cammy, the bethonged, ponytailed chick from Street Fighter II? Well, thanks to Brooke...
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Think back to that awkward phase when you were a "late bloomer," a.k.a. you watched TV and played video games and masturbated a lot, probably too much, and eventurally these interests combined in unhealthy ways and you were having full-blown fantasies about Cammy, the bethonged, ponytailed chick from Street Fighter II. OK, now imagine that ten years have passed and you have pretty much forgotten about that whole weird time in your life. You're at a club, and lo and behold, there's one of the girls from your high school you were too shy to talk to, dressed just like Cammy. You hope she doesn't notice you because you fear her, but she catches wind of you, walks over, and starts bullying you into "getting your dick up," which pushes you into a sexual K-hole that's equal parts nostalgia, pent-up sexual agression, and memories of video game marathons. Brooke Candy is that bitch.

Anyway, I phoned Brooke to talk about her new video.


VICE: Red Bull's Catwalk Studio produced this video. Did they give you any rules about nip slips, or was their any other red tape?
Brooke Candy: What was so amazing about working with Red Bull on this project was how open they were with my direction and how they made a point to support me in my fight against censorship. I'm pretty off the hinges and unfiltered and the fact that they weren't afraid made the entire process a lot easier. Once the video was filmed they were super supportive with every little tweak I felt I needed to make and were really all about making sure I was happy with the overall product. Working with corporate America can be difficult but the fact that they've been so supportive of me along the way gives me hope. They're really progressive. It seems that a lot of members of the YouTube peanut gallery are constantly on the verge of trading their keyboards for pitchforks. Does criticism in the comment sections bother you?
The fact that people are vocal with their criticisms shows how much of an impact I'm having on my generation, so for that, I'm flattered. The negativity I receive is a direct reflection of my positive and steady progress as an artist. At times, like anyone would, I do feel a bit vulnerable, but at the end of the day it's just words. I'm primarily making music as a form of self-expression, so whether or not people are feeling it, I'm going to keep doing it. If I sat around all day tiptoeing around everyone's sensibilities, it would be time wasted—time that I could otherwise spend focusing on my career.

What was it like collaborating with Alex Matsson?
Collaborating with Alex Mattson was amazing. He's one of the sweetest dudes I've ever come across. The fact that he's so humble, talented, and motivated really put me at ease. We would smoke together and just talk about all kinds of weird shit and I swear he was literally the only person in all of London with weed. He just has this calming energy about him, not to mention that he doubles as a great designer. His shit is expertly tailored and super decadent yet still has that edge. I just felt really lucky. He's fucking lovely!


My inner nerd recognizes that you are wearing the same get up as Street Fighter's Cammy. Do you think that's what Alex was going for?
The actual Cammy-inspired look that I wore in the video was a collaboration between Alex and Matthew Josephs, who styled the video. I think they're both really inspired by anime and cosplay, and since the collection was militant it seemed like a natural fit to reference Street Fighter. The looks in this video are definitely my favorite thus far. I had an all-star team. Daniel Sallstrom did my makeup and contoured my face to look like an actual girl! He fucking transformed me. Charlie Le Mindu spent hours and hours braiding those crazy french braids that ended up trailing behind me a good 12 inches. I couldn't have been happier; working with them was really everything I hoped for.

If you went to Comic Con like that neck beards would have seizures. Do you have an inner dork as well?
I don't really think that there's such a thing as "dorky" but some of my inspo comes from things that are labeled that way. Up until now, I thought neck beards having seizures was cool as fuck.

Your outfit in "Genesis" was very Fifth Element. What cosplay is up next? Personally, I would heavily fuck with a Tomb Raider look, glock and all, can you make that happen?
My friend and designer Seth Pratt actually made me a red version of the Tomb Raider outfit. It's without the gun holsters, but everything else is exactly the same! That would be so dope, I would love to play that role next. I feel like I've definitely had a few Chun-Li moments, but I would definitely like to pull an all out Chun-Li look.

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