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Teenage Models in Their Apartments

Photos by Julie Pike Styling by Anja-Lisa Rudka
Κείμενο Julie Pike


Björn Borg bikini top, J. Lindeberg leggings, Tretorn sneakers, Fornarina belt, Anna Tascha necklace, bunny hood from SFI

YANA, 18

Who is your favourite designer?

I like Karl Lagerfeld and Marc Jacobs. I don’t like Gucci. It’s tacky. I like some Dior, but they can be tacky too. It’s just because I’m Russian, and all the Russian women wear Gucci and Dior. It’s so stereotypical. And they wear too much of everything so it looks cheap in the end.


Do you get invited to a lot of fashion parties?

No. But I go anyway, ha ha.

Björkvin top, Ida Sjöstedt leggings, Tretorn sneakers, Miss Sixty earrings, Anna Tascha bracelet


Who is your favourite fashion model?

Natalia Vodianova.

Yeah? She seems crazy.

She used to be really poor. She was working at a Russian vegetable market, selling fruit to get some money, and someone from a modelling agency walked by and discovered her.

J. Lindeberg jumpsuit, Umbro by Kim Jones belt

LINN, 18

What’s the worst thing about being in the fashion business?

My height. I used to feel really bad about being tall. The boys at school only wanted to dance with the tiny, short girls. And I have huge feet.

What do people ask you at go-sees?

If I’m willing to cut my hair.

Are you?


Would you do it for me?


Miss Sixty dress, Twilfit tights, Georg Jensen necklace, Anna Tascha ring


When did you start working?

Four years ago.

They found you at 13? How?

I was at H&M shopping, and this really decked out lady was standing outside. I stopped and stared, our eyes locked and she started running towards me in her high heels. She said she was from an agency, and that I was really beautiful.

How much money did she get for finding you?

I don’t know. I don’t know the business in that way.

Do you make a lot of money?


What have you learnt about the fashion industry?

Everything. I started watching

America’s Next Top Model


to see what Tyra Banks does. I’ve been practising to “SMILE with my EYES.”

Sofie, Tiger of Sweden tank top, Nanso bikini top, Wrangler jeans,
Georg Jensen earring. Astrid, Björkvin top, Anna Tascha necklace


How did you get discovered?

At a concert. I was 13. The model scout came back to my place the next day for dinner with my parents, to get their permission, because I was so young.

What’s the worst thing about the fashion industry?

All the waiting. Like 80% of the time is just about waiting.

Ulrika Sandström/Katitzi dress, Wolford leggings

HEGE, 23

How did you get into the fashion industry?

I was 14 and hanging out at a beach where a model agency had a contest. My friend wanted us to sign up but I was busy so she went alone and made it to the finals. I went to the event that evening and my friend won! I got up on the stage to hug her, and a member of the jury came up to me and made me go to castings the very next day.

You’re tall too, any problems with the height?

Yeah, I actually got to dance with the parents at school discos. The humiliation…

Nike hoodie, Skunkfunk panties, Twilfit socks

Anna Tascha Björkvin
Björn Borg Fornarina
Georg Jensen Ida Sjöstedt J. Lindeberg Katitzi
Miss Sixty Nanso Nike
SFI Skunkfunk
Tiger of Sweden Tretorn Twilfit
Ulrika Sandström Umbro By Kim Jones
Wolford Wrangler