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Go! Go! Go!

The Go! Team sponsor a chimp called Rocky from Dorset.
Κείμενο Pegah Farahmand

Photo by Andy Willsher

The Go! Team make music that sounds like that rare feeling of pure elation you get when you've had a perfect, nightmare-free sleep, the sunshine is streaming in through the blinds of your really nice big apartment, and a person you love is cooking your favorite breakfast.
Then when you're done eating you both go out and have a super-fun, exciting, eventful day out exploring the world. You meet up with old friends and discover new things about them while laughing, joking, and jumping about in the park, going to visit the zoo, sailing on a boat, and then something like visiting a really inspiring and beautiful exhibition at a museum and ending up scoring a really rare record you've been trying to find for years! Yesssss!!!! Result!!! Life rules!!!!!! VICE: So how'd you manage to stay so inspired and pumped all the time? Ian Parton: Before we go on stage we pump iron and say prayers and stuff. We set out to achieve maximum energy. Whether it's through the production or the songs, or by just planning the different songs next to each other. Weirdly, it's evolved into this thing where we have this reputation as a "party band." Does that bug you? Yeah, I always thought it was kind of "kick-ass" more than "party." None of us have a really optimistic view of the world in a natural way. It's not like we're a bunch of children's TV presenters or anything. We just wanna go for it as much as we can. So what do you do on your days off? Well, I sponsor a chimp called Rocky in the Monkey World—it's in Dorset, England. Have you ever been? No. Well that would be my dream day out. I try and get down there at least once a year, to visit the kid. So yeah, I head down there with my picnic and camp out there. We don't get to hold Rocky or play with him, unfortunately, but I've always thought it would be good if we could take him out for the day on an adventure. Take him to the pier and stuff. Do you get to feed it? Sadly, no, but it's great when he gets up close to the glass and he does this thing with his lips that looks like he's trying to give us a kiss. PEGAH FARAHMAND