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Cabin Fever

Have you heard of that Southampton indie band The Delays? They had a song on a mobile phone advert.

Photo by Pegah Faramand

Have you heard of that Southampton indie band The Delays? They had a song on a mobile phone advert. I used to be in that band when it was called Corky. But I left because they weren't rock 'n' roll enough for me. We were getting parents coming to the gigs with their children, and I just wanted the audience to have a massive group orgy or something. There was also the stuff with the interplanetary experiences I was having. About five years ago I started hearing voices in my head. They would tell me all sorts of things. Once I was told to go to a cash machine because there would be some money waiting for me. When I would get there would be no money and the voices would just laugh at me. Another time I was on the train going to band practice and I would just become possessed and I would end up in Farnham. I then ended up getting sectioned and spent the next two years in solitary confinement, where there wasn't much to do except climb the walls and paint. The last episode I had was about this time last year when I had stopped taking my medication. This is when I would listen to trance music on my headphones 24 hours a day as I was convinced that the aliens were communicating to me via trance. What I didn't realise was that it was actually leading me down a deep dark road of insania. I also had a compulsive desire to shave my head and my eyebrows. It was just something I had to do. So now I live with carers in a house full of criminals and schizophrenics. I learn all sorts of stuff from my housemates. They've taught me tricks like how to hotwire a car and rob a house. They used to treat me bad when I first moved in so I threatened this one guy, who's the leader of the pack, with my guitar. Now he gives me proper respect and makes sure my drugs are always delivered on time. Since I left Corky I formed my own band called Cabin Fever. I like to call it psychedelic reggae punk. At the moment it's just me but when I go live it's going to be my friends Jamie on the bass and Ken on the drums. I'm just looking for a keyboardist at the moment. I've just made the number one and it's going to rule the world. DANIEL CHRISTOPHER HALL