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Fuck Church

As part of a tradition lifted from the Roman Catholic model, members of the devout commune Little Pebble Dohsyuku-kai gather each morning and await secret messages from the Virgin Mary.

Translated By Lena Oishi

Clara-Josefa-Menendez Yumi Abe and Father Jean-Marie Thornbush Little John pray at the altar before the “correct sex” ritual.

Father Jean-Marie and Clara in their ceremonial robes.


Vice: Hello. Where did you study theology?

Father Jean-Marie Thornbush Little John, aka Hiroshi Sugiura:


You loved her too much?

Is this why you established the Little Pebble Dohsyuku-kai?


When and why did you move all the way up here to Akita Prefecture to start this commune?

What are these principles?

We’ll get to Mr. Little Pebble in a minute, if that’s OK. Can I first ask you how large your community is Japan?

What do you mean by “ovum baby”?

By Mr. Little Pebble you mean William Kamm, the man imprisoned for sex-related crimes who is the movement’s founder and namesake. How much time did you spend with him?

You were eventually kicked out of his parish, yet you still associate yourself with him. Why?

God gave you orders so that Mr. Little Pebble could be saved from life in prison? What did he instruct you to do?

We can’t show you any graphic photos from the “correct sex” ritual, but trust us, there’s yogurt down there.

What exactly is “correct sex,” and how does it relate to Mr. Little Pebble?

Besides the symbolism and the Eucharist, are there other ways correct sex differs from ordinary sex?

What happens for you during correct sex?

Are there any romantic feelings involved?

Why do you smear yogurt all over the woman’s genitalia during this ritual?

I’ve read that your followers refer to themselves as “dirty rotten scoundrels” and “the absolute worst souls.”

And this brings them closer to God?

Is it OK for unmarried followers to have sex?

Does that mean Longin and Francois, who exchanged wedding vows today, have never had sex?

They are mortal sinners.

How have people outside of your community reacted toward your sex practices and the fact that you perform gay weddings?


Are you afraid for your safety and that of your parish?

What do you mean?

Jean-Marie and Clara preside over the wedding of Longin and Francois. That’s the happy couple on the floor, under those sheets.


Vice: What made you decide to enter the Little Pebble faith?

Clara-Josefa-Menendez Yumi Abe:

What did you learn initially?

So you moved here.

When was that?

Your family must have been surprised.

I hear that you have correct sex every day. Do you get any pleasure out of it?


How is correct sex different for you?

Does it differ in anyway from normal sex?

The newlyweds share their wedding celebration with Marie-Madeleine Thornbush Ritsuko Sugiura, a blind diabetic woman who lives in the house and mostly stays in bed.

Tell me about your daily routine.

Do you talk to the neighbors at all?

How are you paying your living expenses right now?

Nearly three years ago you announced that you were pregnant with twins. Why haven’t you given birth to them yet?

What do people outside of the Little Pebble community say about your situation?

Are you worried that people can check out footage of you engaging in correct sex on the Little Pebble Dohsyuku-kai website?

Aren’t you concerned with criticism?

The newlyweds share their wedding celebration with Marie-Madeleine Thornbush Ritsuko Sugiura, a blind diabetic woman who lives in the house and mostly stays in bed.



Vice: How did you two meet?

Longin-Marie Katsuyoshi Baba:

Do you one day hope to build a family?

Francois-Marie Koichi Maruyama:

What brought you to enter the Little Pebble Dohsyuku-kai?


Francois, I understand you learned about the Little Pebble Dohsyuku-kai from Longin. Did you believe their teachings right from the beginning?


What attracted you to the group?


You claim to be the first-ever Catholic gay couple to have married.


I saw a few tears during the ceremony, Francois.


What do you think the response might be?