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Road Trip Chaos: What Does Boston Think of Mitt Romney?

I trolled around the Boston with Newsweek/The Daily Beast correspondent Eli Lake and we met a drag queen who wouldn't "suck Mitt Romney's dick for all the money in the world."
Rocco Castoro
Κείμενο Rocco Castoro

A couple weekends back I somehow found myself in Boston, trolling around the city with Newsweek/The Daily Beast national security correspondent Eli Lake. We were there to interview Bostonians—historically outspoken liberals—about how they felt having Mitt Romney's campaign headquarters in their backyard. I'm pretty sure that, at first, Eli thought I was a rube, some duder from VICE who his bosses were forcing to co-host a show with so they could tap into "da youth." But by the end of our short road trip (which quickly devolved into near-chaos) we had bonded over various things, most of which I cannot disclose here for matters of both national and personal security. What I can talk about are many subjects that would be redundant to discuss, mostly because we filmed them and you can watch what happened above. In case you're still not sold, I'll just include a few non sequitur phrases here to serve as a teaser: almost getting arrested on an Amtrak train; almost having the cops called on us outside Mitt HQ; a pro-Romney pizza parlor; a weird Italian festival with 15-year-olds who love Romney and think Bain Capital is a character from The Dark Knight Rises; a drag queen who wouldn't "suck Mitt Romney's dick for all the money in the world"; drinking with a pipe-fitter union guy in the shittiest bar in Boston; etc., etc., etc….