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Dear VICE - Retired Prostitutes Against Johnny Ryan (RPAJR)

Retired prostitutes take Johnny Ryan cartoons seriously.
Κείμενο Norma Jean Almodovar

Comic by Johnny Ryan (click to engorge)

Dear VICE,

I came across one of your cartoons which parodied Chester Brown's book  "Paying For It"... which I found to be utterly contemptible and certainly inaccurate (your parody, not his book).

I am also in Los Angeles (San Fernando Valley), a hobby cartoonist, and a retired sex worker. Prior to being a call girl, I worked for the LAPD for 10 years- which was far more dangerous than my work in the sex industry.

Comic by Norma Jean Almodovar

While there is violence against sex workers, just as there is violence against wives and children in marriages and other relationships (click here to see the November 2011 report from the US Government on intimate partner violence) , it does not represent the majority of what happens to us at the hands of our clients. I also am the founder and president of ISWFACE- a non profit sex worker rights organization, and COYOTE LA- also a sex worker rights organization. I invite you to visit our office (which is in my home because we don't have the funding to have a separate office) to see the truth of our lives. You must make an appointment first as I am taking care of my invalid husband (of 36 years) and don't have regular office hours.

Comic by Norma Jean Almodovar

There is a great deal of violence against gays, due to the ignorance of those who choose to believe that homosexuality is immoral, but few would suggest that because of the violence against gays that we go back to the time when we arrested and punished them for being gay to stop the violence against them. The best way to protect ANYONE from potential harm is not to make them criminals but to give them access to the criminal justice system where they can seek protection and find justice when they are victims. [_sic_]

Norma Jean Almodovar
President, ISWFACE
Executive Director, COYOTE LA
ISWFACE... because our lives matter!

Hi Norma,
Thanks for writing. I honestly have nothing against prostitution. I just thought it would be funny to dress Chester Brown up like a woman and have him be attacked by a lunatic. If you want to be a prostitute go right ahead. I don't care. Have a good time.