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The Mentally Ill Issue

The VICE Guide To Rob's Wall

And all the things stuck on it.
Κείμενο Rob Logan

Photo by Tim Barber

My favorite place is my room, because I like to come up here and have some privacy. This is my bedroom wall.

The whole house went to a Bulls game. This is Kirk Kinrich. He played for Kansas in college and he plays for the Bulls now in the pros. That's a picture of him. They gave it to us at the game. BUSH TWINS
Over here are Jenna and Barbara Bush. I didn't vote for their father but I think they're very pretty. HILLARY AND BILL CLINTON PIC
This is my hero, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Hopefully our next President of the United States. And there's President Bill Clinton. This is at the unveiling of their official portraits. I don't know how recent it was. It was in the White House and President Bush said some nice things about them. CARLY PATTERSON
Here's Carly Patterson. She won the all-around gold-medal title in gymnastics at the Olympics. HILARY DUFF
This is Hilary Duff. I really like her, even though she's only 17. I saw her movie Cinderella Story. I liked that—she's a good actress. BRITNEY SPEARS CLIPPING
Here's an article about Britney Spears: "Spears Surprises Family With Wedding." I'm not sure if this is about the first or the second one. Hang on… oh, it says, "married for the second time this year." So that was the second wedding. She's still married to the guy. NATALIE WOOD
You know, I haven't seen any of Natalie Wood's movies. I just think she's beautiful. I should sit down and watch West Side Story on DVD. She was in that, and it won Best Picture of 1961. I always liked her. WITH STAFF MEMBER, BLONDE
This is me and my favorite staff member at my day program. Her name is Christie Chase. WITH KID IN COW COSTUME
Here's me with another great WilPower staff member, named Cindy. She's holding another staff member's baby. KERRY CAMPAIGN SIGN
Here's my John Kerry for President sign. NEW YORK
This is a great picture of New York showing the World Trade Center. My brother used to live in New York and he gave me this. He passed away because of AIDS. DEMOCRATIC BACKSTAGE PASS
I didn't go to the Democratic National Convention, but I bought some buttons and they sent this backstage pass with them. JESSICA SIMPSON
I'm not that familiar with Jessica Simpson's music, but she's obviously beautiful. SHANIA TWAIN
Shania Twain. I'm not into her music that much, but she's beautiful, too. SARAH HUGHES
Sarah is my all-time favorite figure skater from the New York area, but right now she's touring with Stars on Ice. I would love to see her skate live, but I'm on a very tight budget. She goes to Yale, and I've heard rumors that she wants to be a doctor! Sarah is beautiful and a great person. GROUP OF ICE SKATERS
This is the Champions on Ice 2002 tour—Sarah and the other people who were on the tour. She's 19 and she'll be 20 in May. I'm 44, so I hope you don't think ill of me. Sarah is just so beautiful and nice. CHEERLEADER
This is me and Ali, a cheerleader for Northwestern University, for the basketball team. We did a public-access cable sports special about the Northwestern cheerleaders. I think the other woman was named Cathy or Kelly. That's her cheerleading coach. This was 1994. BEATLEFEST GROUP
This is Carol, a very nice lady whose husband runs the fest for Beatles fans. There's my female friend Jodie Katz and my best male friend John Goodall and me. This was taken at BeatleFest Chicago in '97. KELLY RIPA
I like Kelly Ripa. MARIA SHARAPOVA
Here's Maria Sharapova, who won Wimbledon. She's very pretty. SASHA COHEN
I got this picture of Sasha Cohen through the mail. She signed it. She's another figure skater. MICHELLE KWAN
Here's Michelle Kwan in a bikini. If Sarah can't win another gold medal, I hope that Michelle finally can win at the Olympics in 2006. Michelle wants to win a gold medal very bad. I'm rooting for her because she's a very nice person. She looks good. HOWARD DEAN POSTER
I supported Howard in the primaries because he was against the Iraq War. The one thing that's missing from my wall is a picture of Renee Zellwegger. She's my favorite actress. I hope she reads this article. I like her in Chicago, and I'm still waiting to see Bridget Jones Two: The Edge of Reason on DVD. I don't like to go to movies in theaters. People talk too much and crunch popcorn and their cell phones go off. I love Renee—she's beautiful. I'd like to marry her! As long as she doesn't get married to that Jack White, it'll be OK. As a matter of fact, she's got to dump him and come to me! I saw her once on Inside the Actors' Studio and she talked about how she tries so hard to stay down to earth. She's this huge star but she's a good person. That's what I love the most about Renee. When she reads this, hopefully she'll fly out and get a picture with me, and hopefully autograph it with: "Hugs and kisses, Renee. And by the way, I dumped that other guy, so if you want to go out, call me." ROB LOGAN

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