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Locked Off

People still try to make out that grime is based in three highrise blocks in Bow, when in reality other parts of London, particularly north, are home to a lot of the more productive MCs such as Chipmunk, Skepta, JME, Scorcher etc.
Κείμενο Prancehall

Photo by James Pearson-Howes

Vice: Why did you decide to become a producer?


That’s interesting. A lot of grime guys, like Jammer, say that their dad was a “big soundman” or whatever, but half the time I’m not sure if they’re just making it all up.

What are the bassline nights like up north that you’ve played at?

Sounds a bit grim. What do you love?

Devil May Cry 4

Street Fighter

“Might Be” will be out soon on Gut. Also, look out for Dexplicit’s production work on Black The Ripper’s forthcoming mixtape,

, out at the end of March.