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Vice Fashion - Virgins

Photos by Louise Enhörning, Styling by Lisa Sundström.
Κείμενο Louise Enhörning

Photos by Louise Enhörning
Styling by Lisa Sundström/LinkDetails
Hair & Makeup by Rebecka Hellander/LinkDetails

Agnes, 18: I’m not sure why I haven’t had sex yet, but I’ve just never met a guy who…I’m going to know when it’s right, and so far I haven’t felt it. I’ve never met someone I like THAT way. How I’m going to know? When I meet someone who respects me enough to wait for me then I’ll know he’s worth it. That’s the important thing, that he treats me with respect. If he does that, his looks won’t matter that much. But I’d want him to be gentleman. It’s good if he’s got good teeth and nice hair; that he’s fresh. I’d want him to have some sort of talent, or something that he’s really passionate about—like his job, or football, or an instrument. The age difference shouldn’t be too big either, he can’t be too old. It doesn’t really matter how he dresses, as long as he’s not grungy. And he should have a good education.


T-shirt, La Redoute, Cardigan by Ralph Lauren, jeans, model’s own

Emilio, 17: I’m still waiting. I guess I’m waiting for the right situation. I’m going to feel it, it’s going to be a strong feeling. And it’s going to be with the girl I’ll marry. I’m catholic, so yeah, of course it has a bit to do with that. I mean, some things I don’t care about, like I’ll use cuss words and stuff. But others things I think should be taken seriously. I’ve got a girlfriend, she’s the one I picture myself with in the future. She’s a catholic too, so she doesn’t mind waiting. She’s kind and considerate and innocent. If someone’s kind, looks doesn’t matter that much. But I wouldn’t want a girlfriend to be taller than me. Profession doesn’t matter either, but I’d want her to be like me, so we can laugh at the same things and she’ll get my jokes, even if they’re twisted. I’ll get married when I’m 18.

Sweaters by Whyred, sweatpants by Gant, jewelry, model’s own

Niclas, 18: I just broke up with my girlfriend, so now I’m back to looking for the right girl. I broke up with her because I wasn’t in love. That’s the whole point isn’t it? That’s what I’m looking for. I don’t know what it’s going to feel like to fall in love, I guess that’s what I’m trying to find out. I’m looking for a regular girl. She can just be hot and nice. It’s good if she has a style of her own too, but she shouldn’t be dying her hair black and be all grungy. Blondes are nice. It’s ok if she’s a bit younger than me. And if she makes a ton of money, if she’s like a lawyer and can support me, haha. I don’t think she’s too hard to find, but I’ve just come home from a year in America, so I’m behind. American girls are different, more urgent. That’s better. Everything is better in America.


T-shirt by Filippa K, jeans and belt, model’s own

Anna-Carin, 18: I’m waiting for the right person. When we’ve been together for a while, I’ll know if he’s the one. I’m going to know if he really loves me or not. And I’m only going to have sex if I really feel like it. If I’d do it just because the guy wants me to it would feel like I was being forced or something. My ultimate partner is considerate and good looking. Looks aren’t super-important, as long as he’s kind. If I would have to chose between looks and kindness… I’d say it’s fifty/fifty. I like green eyes and brown hair. I always fall for guys with brown hair, even though I’m blond. He shouldn’t dress like a punk. Money doesn’t matter. I mean, if he’s got any kind of style I’ll know he’s not poor. I mean, not poor poor at least. And it’s great if he’s into tennis, or some other sport.

Vest by Ralph Lauren, cardigan by WE, jeans by Fornarina

David, 26: I’ve chosen to wait with sex, for my own sake, and for others. I’ll wait until I get married. I want to follow the plan Jesus talks about in the bible, I want to marry a woman, have sex with her and stick to her for the rest of my life. Since god created man he knows what’s best for us. I’m convinced that the best option—the way a person will reach the most happiness—is sharing his or her sex life with one single person. It should be a person you love despite any flaws, and that person should be the one you enter into a life long marriage commitment with. My dream woman is good-looking, warm and happy and lives her life to do god’s will.

T-shirt by Umbro by Kim Jones, jeans, model’s own

Rosanna, 18: It just hasn’t happened. It has never come to that point. But I want to get it done pretty soon. I don’t want to grow old before it happens, you know. The ideal situation would be if I could meet someone I’d really fall in love with, so I’d really want to be with him, and he’d really want to be with me. I’d want it to really feel right. And I wouldn’t want there to be too much people around. Right now the man of my dreams is Jude Law. He’s tall, fit, he’s got nice eyes and nice lips. I don’t like big lips on a guy, but I like well-shaped lips. And he can’t be a troublemaker, or really jealous or anything like that. He should be easy to talk to, easy to get along with and funny. His job doesn’t matter, as long as he’s not one of those people who think everyone else is going to earn his money for him.

Blouse and belt by Ralph Lauren, shorts by WE, tights by H&M