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We Interviewed Anna Waronker From That Dog

That Dog is playing in Brooklyn tonight. We talked to Anna and flipped out about it.
Kelly McClure
Κείμενο Kelly McClure

Oh, hey, I'm currently hyperventilating and so over-stimulated to the point where I'm gonna have to go into the bathroom and soak my head in the sink. Why? Because That Dog is playing their second reunion show in Brooklyn tonight and I'm so excited that I can't handle life.

I have had so many questions for Anna Waronker from That Dog for most of my life such as 1) What do you think about when you're just sitting around? 2) What do you like on your pizza? Today I got to ask her some stuff. Read every word and take it into your heart like gold, or I will slap your family.


Photo by Steven Perilloux

VICE: That Dog was a very specific musical obsession for myself, and my friends in the 90s (AND STIIL!) It very much seemed like you guys disappeared into the mist, as a band, at the height of everything, and I’m not sure I ever learned the real reason why. Why’d you guys decide to venture off and do other things?

Anna Waronker: We were pretty vague about it. We were having creative and personal differences. It was the only thing most of us had ever done and we needed a break. From the band identity thing and each other and all the pressure. I think that is still pretty vague, huh?

In no way will this answer crap on your band mates, but would you say that you prefer to perform solo? Or no?

Doing That Dog stuff is really funny, fun and chaotic. All the rock That Dog stuff is a great way to get out my aggression. Which I have a lot of.  Performing solo is a little more focused and relaxing. I like doing both, it’s a good balancing act. That Dog just did a show in LA where we played all of the songs we never played live. Mostly the mellower ones or weirder ones. We had a string section and piano player. It was a great bridging of the gap between That Dog and solo Anna.

I saw a Youtube clip of Maya Rudolph’s Prince cover band opening for one of your shows and about passed out. You seem to have comedians open for you a lot. How come? And what is Maya like in real life, I mean …


We went to highschool with Maya, she’s one of my best friends. No one makes me laugh as hard as  she does,….It just so happened that the people we wanted to open for us did comedy. Maya was actually going to be in That Dog originally on drums, even though she doesn’t play the drums. But then she went to college, so luckily Tony came back to LA, and also luckily he did know how to play the drums (although he didn’t really at the time).

Going back to the first question a little, I have to again say that everyone I know loves you. Like in an insane way. Even to just be emailing with you makes me feel like I’m gonna have diarrhea. Are there any bands that make you feel like that?

Wow! Diarrhea! I’m so flattered! Everyone loves me in an insane way?? That’s so great. I had no idea. So far no bands have brought me to shit my pants, but, coincidentally, I just saw Maya do a special Princess performance where Wendy Melvoin came out and played on “Purple Rain” and I had full body chills for several minutes. Like the whole body. Then I told someone about it and it gave her chills. I guess I’m a Prince nerd. I also go nuts when I see Redd Kross play. I have to block out that my husband is in the band so I can just enjoy myself.

How have you been enjoying your time, aside from music stuff? What do you like to do in life?

I am very proud to say that  I love to watch television. As much as time allows. And I love food. And mostly I love to hang out with my three year old son. He came to our show last night and partied backstage. I saw him chatting up some girl about  fire trucks. I am being serious.  He’s a real dreamboat.

What brought about these reunion shows? Think there’s gonna be a new That Dog album?

I’m still not sure why all of us decided to do this. What prompted me was that I felt like I was ignoring a big part of my life and catalogue for reasons that didn’t apply to my current life.  What I found is that I am right back in the creative place where we started and that vibe is still there.  I love singing with the girls. We get each other harmonically and that is pretty rare. I love how Tony plays to the songs. He’s a very thoughtful drummer. And person. I have been talking to some of the members about doing a new record. I don’t know if everyone’s schedules allow but I might just carve out a little time and dust off my Ladies guitars this summer.

That Dog is playing tonight at Music Hall of Williamsburg and (as of right now) there are still tickets available.