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Beats And Rhymes

Someone needs to do a story on the Rhyme Syndicate. Think about it - Ice-T's former crew had a lot of cats down with it. A lot of important cats. Donald D. Nat the Cat (I want to do a remake of "While You've Been Waiting," if you're down with it...



Questionmark Asylum

Someone needs to do a story on the Rhyme Syndicate. Think about it — Ice-T’s former crew had a lot of cats down with it. A lot of important cats. Donald D. Nat the Cat (I want to do a remake of “While You’ve Been Waiting,” if you’re down with it). Toddy Tee. Divine Styler. The Spinmasters (ask Nelly about that beat). King Tee, who put on the ’Liks, who put on Xzibit. Cypress Hill’s DJ Muggs used to be in a group called 7A3. “Coolin’ in Cali” is still the shit. Everlast, then House of Pain, then Whitey Ford. Everlast’s former DJ, Lethal, went on to join Limp Bizkit. The Soul Assasins camp spawned Funkdoobiest, and the Alchemist. Hell, even Lord Finesse and Kool Keith were affiliated. WC was down, then went on to form the Maad Circle with Coolio, then did that Westside shit with Ice Cube. (I heard Dub-C recently signed to Def Jam.) Bilal Bashir. Kid Jazz. Randy Mac. Bronx Style Bob (Did his album ever come out?). The list is long, the roots are deep. Even some of the younger cats like Styles of Beyond and Dilated Peoples have Syndicate connections. This sounds like a story XXL should run.


Speaking of Styles of Beyond, the group is now officially no longer. Before you die-hards start crying, there are some unreleased songs out there that will hopefully find their way into your changer. Word on the streets is that Ryu and Cheapshot are on some Dave Mustaine shit these days. In other related news, Megadeth is no longer. Our favorite MC — the guy who is so hard Metallica kicked him out of the band for being too dope — has injured his hand or something and can’t play guitar. I’ve always wanted to make a rap version of “Peace Sells, But Who’s Buying.”

Who were Lords of the Underground talking about on their first album, accusing cats of stealing their style? And what group was K-Solo talking about that kicked him out? Why do DMX and Solo have beef? Was DJ Quik really talking about Dre? Is this Nelly vs. KRS-One shit really real, or is somebody paying somebody? Does anyone think it’s strange that on Mic Geronimo’s first album he had a posse cut featuring DMX, Jay-Z, and Ja Rule before any of them got signed? Irv, call your man and hook him up, he’s ready. Does TVT have any old Cash Money Click (Ja Rule’s old group) songs in the vaults? They’d be worth some loot now. Are Tribe really doing another album? Should they? What ever happened to the 3rd Bass reunion? Pete Rock & CL Smooth? I know heads are fiending for this S.M.G. shit with Ice-T, Smoothe the Hustler, and Trigger the Gambler.


Anybody my age still take acid? A few years ago I took mushrooms at my man’s cottage and we listened to Abstract Rude’s Thynk Taynk album on repeat all night. We put it on right after the barbecue, sipping Heinekens, chewing caps, and watching the sunset. We never even realized it was playing over and over until the next morning. It must have sounded different each time or something.

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