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The Voice Of Pussy

The unsung heroes of music.
Κείμενο Big Pinky

Scott slipping into a coma after an 8 hour shift of boobs, booze and blow. Photos by Big Pinky

Monty: A “used to be” player who, just weeks before he was interviewed for Strip Club DJs, became born again. He now reads from the bible while DJing.
Quote: “Strip clubs are the doorway to hell, and that’s where Christians should be.” Ruby: A lady through and through. She is the only known female DJ in Toronto and she does NOT sound like an AM radio voice. In fact, her delivery is a deadpan somewhere between a grade school principal reading the morning announcements and HAL 2000.
Quote: “These girls work for me and if they don’t like it, there’s the door.” Insider tips for aspiring DJs (from the mouths of the pros): On sex: “Never take the dancers to your home. Rent a hotel room. You have no idea who most of them are.” One DJ claims he has spent over $10,000 on hotels. On drugs: Do not tell the dancers you have coke. If they don’t know, you could get tipped with a line. If they do know, the only line you’ll get is: “Sorry baby, I didn’t make much tonight. Can I have some of your coke?” On rock and roll: “When two girls are fighting over a song, just remember—the hot one wins.” On menstruation: “There are all kinds of tricks to hiding tampons. Keep the lights low, distract the audience, and cut the string.” On Lighting: If you put a red light on a girl you’ll see cellulite, but if you use a blue light you won’t see anything except a big blue woman. In General: Keep things going. Create a party atmosphere, accept bribes, and do not touch the poles. BIG PINKY
Big Pinky’s documentary on strip club DJs is aptly named STRIP CLUB DJS and is currently touring the festival circuit and playing rep theatres.