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Vice Fashion - Uk Garage Girls

Are you dumb?
Κείμενο Danielle Levitt

China Lee—Edmonton MC
Likes: Iceberg History
Dislikes: Evisu

“ When I’m on the mic I’m never going to give it up / I burn them girls always fuckin’ up / Man’s one sex I’m never going to give it up / Girls chat shit then I’m gonna beat them up / Never live it down I’m always livin’ it up / Mans with the straps they’ll be poppin’ up / Then I go shrubs and always rippin’ up.” Photographer: Danielle Levitt, Stylist: Jane Austin with Clare Models: China Lee, Pariz-1, Skarface and Mini Me. This page: China Lee wears tracksuit by Ecko, trainers by Adidas.

Pariz-1—Nottingham MC
Likes: Adidas
Dislikes: Haters

“ You niggaz want it then come and get it / Ya best believe that I’m in this rap game till the infinite / I gotta win it / See other chicks ain’t wid it / Saying that they hot stuff but don’t write rhymes another nigga did it / Now they fakin’ it / The fame they got I’m takin’ it” Jacket and jeans by Carhartt, trainers by Adidas.

(Left) Skarface—Stoke Newington MC
Likes: Jogging bottoms and vests
Dislikes: Mash-up trainers

“ I’m an entertainer stimulator / Every time I flow my tongue I spit my lazer / Thugged-out sweet lady / Sweet sexy / Not no sket / Man wanna flex / Have sex not yet / I’m the one that wears that trousers / Murder thousands / Gangsta girl / Talk shit / Burn your houses / Leave you with war scars” (Right) Mini-Me—Edgecot MC
Likes: Prada
Dislikes: Being unemployed “ What do they call me ‘M-Ting’? / What do they call me ‘I Ting’? / Do you think that’s all I got? / You don’t know do you really want to hear the flow / And I think it’s time for the shower man show / Yo, ya hear my crew are roll / When we stroll no need to blow / Just get chung from zoot dat we rolled / Take time to think about Road ‘cause it’s turnin’ colden / Every day another strap gets sold on / Golden platinum chains and chaps get sucked / Hot girlz with brains and cribs with whips get fucked / The man are just too much so soldiers, gun fingers hot girls big bumpers, little bumpers, wind your bumpers / Man be in dem corner smoking ounces / Cash, Mini-Me make rider.” Tracksuit top by Adidas, jeans by Carhartt, trainers by NikeJacket and trousers by Ecko, trainers by Adidas, T-shirt photographer’s own.