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Cry-Baby of the Week

This week: a mom who publicly shamed her daughter for twerking versus a mom who thinks her son shouldn't have to pay for things in shops.
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Cry-Baby #1: Frances Hena

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The incident: An 11-year-old girl twerked at her school dance.

The appropriate response: Learning to deal with it, like previous generations of parents had to learn to deal with the waltz, hip shaking, grinding etc., etc.

The actual response: The girl's mother made her stand at the side of the road holding a sign to publicly shame her.

Last week, Frances Hena from Bakersfield, California told her 11-year-old daughter Jamie that she was not allowed to twerk at a school dance she was attending at Washington Junior High.


She didn't want Jamie doing the dance as she feels it's inappropriate. "She is just a child and she can't do that. She just can't," she told ABC News.

Undeterred, Jamie went to the dance and proceeded to move her "bottom in a very sexual and inappropriate way" (as the news anchor in the above report described twerking).

Frances found out about the illicit dance moves after a friend of hers got in touch and snitched on Jamie.

As punishment, she forced Jamie to stand for two hours at a busy intersection, holding a sign that read, "I was disrespecting my parents by twerking at my school dance."

She also confiscated Jamie's iPod, because she believes Jamie used the device to access the internet to learn twerking moves.

It's not just Jamie who Frances is mad at, she also thinks the school is at fault for allowing twerking at an official event. "I haven’t heard anything from the school still, and it’s just ridiculous to think that’s OK at a school dance," she said.

She hopes that, moving forward, the school will adopt a "no twerking" policy.

Cry-Baby #2: Michelle Rowlinson

(via Angry People in Local News/screencap via Burton Mail)

The incident: A boy went into a store to buy Band-Aids for his friend who had fallen over.

The appropriate response: Nothing.

The actual response: The boy's mother contacted her local newspaper to complain that her son had been forced to pay for the Band-Aids.


Some time last week, 12-year-old Charlie Rowlinson was out playing with his 13-year-old friend Ed in Stapenhill, England. At some point, Ed fell and gashed his knee.

Charlie and Ed went to a local shop called Wendy's News to buy Band-Aids and a bottle of water to rinse the wound. As is standard practice at shops, they were charged a monetary amount ($1.50) in exchange for the goods.

Outraged that her son had been made to take part in a system that has existed for the last 100,000 years or so, Charlie's mother, Michelle, contacted her local paper, The Burton Mail, to complain about what had happened.

“In my opinion it’s disgraceful that they charged him to clean himself up when he went in hurt," she said. Adding, “If he had come to my house, I wouldn’t have charged him for water."

Somebody from the Burton Mail contacted the shop, and, for some reason, owner Karen Taylor felt she had to defend herself: “My mom was working at the time. She said the two boys came into the shop and asked if we had any plasters.

She took them into the corner and showed them the plasters, so assumed they wanted to pay for them as they had already got the money out."

They didn’t ask for help. They came back in and asked for tissues, and she told him to help himself to some kitchen roll on the side. He then came back in and bought a bottle of water.”

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