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Κείμενο VICE Staff
13 Μάιος 2011, 12:55pm

It's Friday the 13th, which means a lot of you tattoo bums are heading to the parlor to take advantage of the thrifty 13 dollar ink some guy will slap on your skin in about five minutes flat. But wait! Before you get some dumb spider with a "13" on its back, think about heading to Three Kings, where all the proceeds are going to victims of the Tsunami.Three Kings has designed a flash sheet just for today with super-secret designs. So secret, in fact, that they would only give us that blurry thing up top and that naked lady below as examples. Still, we're sure whatever they have will be about a jazillion times better than a boring tattoo from some jamoke who'll just spend your hard-earned 13 dollars at the bar in a few hours. Here's the Kings' official decree: Today Three Kings will be hosting their Friday the 13 special, but with a twist. We will be designing a flash sheet with $13 and $113 Japanese themed tattoos, and all money made will be donated to victims of the Tohaku Earthquake/Tsunami. There is usually a very long waiting list for our Friday the 13 events, so in the spirit of the event, any large donations that are more than the cost of the tattoo will allow you to cut the line and get tattooed sooner. All money will be donated to Kids for Kids, an organization created by the Tokyo Childrens Academy. The designs range from foo dogs to darumas to japanese flowers. Donations though the shop are also welcome if people are just looking for a good place to send their money. The money will be spent to help feed, clothe, and house the victims of this terrible tragedy. Three Kings Tattoo 572 Manhattan Ave. Brooklyn, NY