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Sameet Sharma Helps Us Remember Our Puke-Covered Roots

Sameet Sharma takes pictures of his friends partying, puking, having sex, writing things on walls, peeing in public, getting into fights, and lighting things on fire. We like them, but they make us feel old.
Christian Storm
Κείμενο Christian Storm

VICE has been around since 1994, and like any angry preteen, we are slowly maturing. We’re breaking international news stories and publishing important works of fiction. But sometimes, it’s good to get back to your roots and remember what made people love and hate you in the first place. So for us, it's good to laugh at pictures of kids puking, fucking, and peeing once and a while.

When we saw these pictures by young gun Sameet Sharma, memories of our early days came flooding back. His work may not be as affecting as coverage of protests in Tunisia, but it sure has more artistic value than Innocence of Muslims. Sameet told us a little bit about his life, which, from the photos, seems kinda like the most fun ever:

“I was born in a shithole in central California, but I've been living in San Francisco the past four years. I like to think my photos are all pretty straightforward, most of them being stupid/rad/crazy shit I see my friends, random people, or myself doing. I try to skew my photos to be comedic but also abnormal to the point where people are asking themselves, 'What the fuck is going on?' I'm just lucky enough to be the person taking the picture.”

Check out Sameet’s website, and buy one of his zines, too.