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Kill Whitey

I met one of the chief radical Muslim clerics in Londonistan, Sheik Mohammed Al-Massari.
Κείμενο Tom Dunon

British rappers like Dizzee Rascal be aiight because they're on the grimy tip, but other niggaz just be poor relations to the American rappers. The only other UK rap group worth a toss are these underground sand-nigga MCs called Sheik Terra, AK-47, and the nigga with the dopest name in the rap game—O.G.Had (get it? "Jihad"?). Together, they're known as the Soul Sallah Crew, and their pro-Muslim, anti-Western song of hate called "Dirty Kuffar" (a Kuffar is an infidel) is the hottest track on underground Muslim internet radio right now.

Based at the Central London Mosque in Regent's Park, the group has made this amazing video where the MCs are bigging up Osama Bin Laden and merking George W., Tony Blair, and all Jews and Saudis everywhere (plus anyone who isn't a devout Muslim). Last week, we met the head of their clique, Sheik Mohammed Al-Massari, who's one of the chief radical Muslim clerics in Londonistan. He's like the Suge Knight of Muslim hate-rap. Just like the Death Row CEO, Al-Massari's always got beef with 5-0. Deported from Saudi Arabia for his radical political views, he claimed asylum in London, where he says he's regularly attacked on the streets and stalked by the Queen's men. VICE: Wassup? We heard that Osama Bin Laden was your boyeee?
Sheik Mohammed Al-Massari: He's a gentle man. Much misunderstood. What's the joint "Dirty Kuffar" about?
The group won't tell you publicly, but it is about how on 9-11 their hearts were jumping with pleasure. These rappers are expressing points which have not been expressed before in this way—carrying a very polished and advanced message, rallying the people against a war on terror that is corrupt and isn't getting anywhere. Why do you think this stuff is so hot on the streets right now?
Young Muslims have been given enormous spirit by seeing that you can kick America hard in the balls and still get away. The slow flame that was burning is now growing into a big flame. Would it be cool for Vice to come and kick it with your boys in the studio? What's the address?
No. Our association's confidentiality is so good that even the intelligence agencies are unable to get that information. I can't talk any more about this. I have to go. Thank you. Check some new shit from Soul Sallah Crew on Digihad Productions this winter.