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A Chat with the Creator of "Bible Fight"

Making the Virgin Mary wield Baby Jesus as a weapon makes some people in the gaming community uncomfortable.
Κείμενο Max Baehr

This Is Pop know a thing or two about fun. Since 2000, the small NYC studio has been quietly cranking out games like Hemp TycoonBible Fight, and My Lil’ Bastard for Adult Swim, with scads of other games peppered across the internet. In fact, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve already played one of them. And if you haven’t, you should go do that. I mean, how much easier could it be? They’re linked, like, two sentences ago.


Needless to say, I was excited when This Is Pop co-founder Vincent LaCava agreed to meet up and share some of his history as a game-maker, as well as the inside scoop about the more controversial elements of his games that were left on the cutting room floor.

VICE: How did Bible Fight come about?
Vincent LaCava: It was our first original game. What happened was we were working with Cartoon Network and we’d built about 100 games for them before they built the Adult Swim brand, and they called on us to build their first website, so we were tapped to build their first games. We made some really successful games for shows like InuyashaFull Metal AlchemistHarvey Birdman—it was fun work. We were working on a Venture Brothers game and they hired a new VP, [Mike] Lazzo, and he had this great vision: no more branded games, the website’s going to mirror the channel and have original content. So we pitched a few ideas, and Bible Fight was one of them.

Was there anything you just couldn’t put in the game?
There are only two things that were cut. One was, we had an attack where Mary unfurled the Baby Jesus and then brought him back in. Evidently, you can’t use the Baby Jesus as a weapon. The other thing was this great win sequence where Jesus wins, and then a cross pops up from the ground and he’s crucified and then he goes “PSHHHW” and he breaks the cross. It’s so beautiful. It’s this thing of beauty.

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