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New York - Black Lips Revisited

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Oops, in the course of drumming out the Comics Issue and being all wrapped up in the "here and now" we completely spaced on how the Black Lips went last Friday. Thowy. Basically, if you decided not to make the trek to the empty industrial deadzone on the shores of Newton Creek, you blew it. Big time. Though there unfortunately wasn't any hoseplay at this engagement, the guys packed them in and tore through a good hour and a half of frenzied jams. The ratio of fun-having to squashed-being was pretty much 1 to 1.



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Friday May 5 2006:

The Black Lips and Soldiers of Fortune are playing a show tonight at Place, waaaay the fuck at the north tip of Greenpoint, and unless you suck you should totally go. The Black Lips are probably the best band to come out of Atlanta since Smoke, and the only group to actually pull off that late-60s Nuggets garage vibe without sounding like an utter joke. They also go completely balls-out for their live shows, barfing and pissing onstage as the mood strikes them, so you can well imagine that we sweat them pretty heavily. If you're not into that sort of thing, be aware that you are basically a roving bad-vibes cloud bumming out anyone within lightning range.

Soldiers of Fortune are made up of dudes from a bunch of bands like Oneida and Oakley Hall, and are kind of a good longhair equivalent for the Lips--their jammers are a little more spacey and mellow, but still completely fucking solid. Check it out if you're in the neighb.