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Vice Fashion - The Design Issue

Over the years I have had many client requests for male chastity devices.
Κείμενο Milos Mali

Photographer - Milos Mali
Stylist - Hayley Callander

Wayne Nicol:

I run Lucrezia & De Sade, a manufacturer and retailer of quality fetish clothing and accessories in Melbourne. Over the years I have had many client requests for male chastity devices. I knew that the only one on the market was difficult to use as it needed to be assembled from thirty pieces so decided to develop a new version. We got an engineer, who used to work for Boeing making aeroplane engine parts, to design the 3D object and create a mould. Pewter is poured into the mould and that is finally plated in chrome to produce the “Cyber Cock Cage”.


The Cyber Cock Cage is available for approx. $220 from Lucrezia & De Sade 441 Brunswick Street Fitzroy.

Wears: Eighteen People jeans, Suicide in Hollywood t-shirt, Initium Eyewear sunglasses, Lambretta watch, Creative Recreation shoes.

Chris Grouch:

It was eighteen years ago that I first started developing the concept for my World Domination board game. My high school teacher Vince Smith initially inspired me when he became the first Sale of the Century champion to win the jackpot. I met a guy who writes the questions for Trivial Pursuit and got him to write my questions. World Domination questions have much more to do with popular culture than Trivial and it relies more on skill and luck. It’s better because you can ultimately come out with the whole world.

Wears: Mavi jeans, Freshjive t-shirt, Diesel shoes.

Selby Ginn:

I started making human body parts out of leather and found that the material that most closely resembled the real thing was pig skin. I make mannequins by taking whole pig skins and cutting out sections which I fit to my own body. I have made lots of things out of leather including umbrellas and my favourite—a bikini which is made from the pig’s nipple section and its hide.

Wears: Firetrap jeans, Insight jacket, model’s own belt and glasses.

Seldon Hunt:

I’m an underground trash artist mainly designing album cover artwork and tour posters for doom/experimental metal bands. I have done covers for Neurosis, Isis, Kid 606, Pelican and Sun O))). I’m a detail fiend and my work is based on a chaotic ambience. Recently I designed the Missing Link Records t-shirt and illustrated a new publication called the Dicktionary which is a dictionary of profanities.


You can check out more of Seldon’s work at

Wears: M-One-11 pants, Mooks shoes, the Missing Link t-shirt he designed.

Sruli Recht:

I am a clothier and have been working, mainly with natural fabrics, for the past 10 years. I make to measure and costume pieces. I developed the “Umbuster” (umbrella with a knuckle duster handle) recently—designing it on computer software and then machine drilling it from solid aluminium. I came up with it when I was walking in the city during peak hour in winter and I just really wanted to punch people. Unfortunately I can’t sell them because they have been deemed a prohibited class five weapon which you actually need a license to carry.

Wears: Shirt and pants model’s own, K-Swiss shoes.

Aran Gallagher:

I made the “Mega Beamotron” about eight months ago because I play live at dance parties around the world. It’s made from galvanized iron and has infrared sensors which hook up to a midi controller and feed information to a computer. It allows me to control the music by waving my hands above the sensors.

Wears: Lee Jeans, Pure Evil t-shirt, Krew suit jacket, Creative Recreation shoes, Lacie USB watch , cap model’s own, Injury hoodie and sweatshirt on the couch.

Megan Herbert and Nimrod Weis:

We are part of a collective of designers, writers, programmers and scientists without credentials trying to fuse the gap between art and technology. We are into dream fulfilment—designing and making things that everyone loves but no one ever makes. We have developed these art vending machines which are going into the Fat stores. It’s a good way for people to be able to buy interesting art cheaply. We have also made a radio active babushka doll, a 2.3 meter tall pizza box robot and we’re about to start manufacturing trees.

Go to

to see more of their designs.

Megan wears: Hunter skirt, shirt and shoes model’s own. Nimrod wears: Freshjive polo, Paul and Bear jeans, Huffer belt and Teva shoes.