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The Weird Science Issue

Visions of L. Ron

Based on the covers of six L. Ron Hubbard story compilations.
Κείμενο Matthew Frost

Photos By Matthew Frost
Artwork By Rick Altergott
Stylist: Annette Lamothe-Ramos
Photo Assistant: Bobby Doherty; Hair: Ashley Nicole Grobmeier; Makeup: Erin Green
Models: Casie C. at Wilhelmina, Hannah Davis at IMG, Alex Glenday at Next, and Zhanna at Mc2
Photocollage and retouching by Daniel Hong; Special thanks to Fast Ashleys Studios

To be clear (and because our lawyers insisted on crystal clarity): The following fashion spread is based on reinterpretations of covers of six of our favorite L. Ron Hubbard story compilations, all of which were appropriated from classic science fiction pulps in which the stories first appeared.

In honor of the release of Paul Thomas Anderson's latest film, The Master, VICE will be cherry-picking articles from our vault of the peculiar and grotesque that have to do with strange sects and cults. Keep checking throughout the week as we roll out more religious weirdness.

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