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Deez Nuts

"Every second of the night I live another life/Deez Nuts that sleep when it's cold outside/Every moment I'm awake the further I'm away."-Heart, from their 1985 hit "Deez Nuts"
Κείμενο Devin Horwitz

"Every second of the night I live another life/

Deez Nuts that sleep when it’s cold outside/

Every moment I’m awake the further I’m away."


From their 1985 hit "Deez Nuts"

With a catalog six albums deep and tours around the globe, most hip hop fans would expect the Beatnuts to sound as weak as Heart by now. The world famous trio, now a duo (minus Fashion aka Al Tariq), has been busting nuts in bitches’ guts and leaving ‘em stranded for as long as they can remember, but are the gun-slinging lunatics still as ill as we remember? We talked to MC/producers Psycho Les and Junkyard JuJu here in Queens to find out if family life and ten years of broke beats and blasphemy has ended the drunken lunacy.


VICE: After all these years, would you say that you’ve had to let up on the partying?


Damn, we still party and wild out. Maybe not like we used to cuz we’ve got a lot more shit to balance right now.


Shit, I don’t think I’ve learned to balance nothing. Every show for me is still a weed and fuck fest.

A fuck fest?


Yeah, it’s happened a few times. Like in Tampa, we had the whole floor of this hotel. After our show there was at least twenty girls hanging out in the hallway having a party. We’d go out of our room run and grab a bitch, turn around and go back into another room. A true fuck fest. Niggas was running around naked, with hos hanging over their shoulders.


I think the hotel had to call the police.

I’ll bet your wife loved that.


Come on, when my wife met me I was like this. Why should I change now?

Now that you both have kids old enough to understand, does your family ever give you a hard time about the kind of shit you talk on record?


My mother gives me a hard time. But I’m not making music for nobody’s mothers. I make that shit for the streets and kids that can relate to us, you know, getting fucked up.

Are there any drugs you won’t do anymore?


I don’t really trip anymore. My brain is already mad complicated. If I go back into tripping I’d go crazy.


I can’t either, man. I got so much shit on my mind now, I’d probably do something that I’d regret.

Like beat up a journalist?



Some of them do some dumb ass shit.

But you hate journalists don’t you?


Some of them ask the worst questions in the world. (In a whiny girl’s voice) "How did you guys get together? When did you get started?" I hate that shit. And these people are paid to do that kind of shit. We’ve been in this shit ten years already. Who cares how the fuck we got together?


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