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Slice of Sneaker

Tyler, the Creator Presents: Josh Terris

Josh Terris Takes Photos Of Teenagers Who Do Stupid Stuff At Parties. Or Skateboarding.
29 Νοέμβριος 2011, 12:00am

Hi, I'm Tyler. Some Of You Might Know Me As Tyler The Creator Or That One Guy Who Tries So Hard That It's Borderline Annoying, Or That One Nigga Who Ate The Bug. These Photos You Are Looking At Are By Josh Terris. Josh Takes Photos Of Teenagers Who Do Stupid Shit At Parties. Or Skateboarding. I Actually Think I Seen A Pig In One Of Them. He's My Friend And Always Wanted To Somehow Do Something With VICE. So Hey, Why The Fuck Not Introduce The World To Him On.... VICE!

PS: We aren't sure why Tyler is really into capitalizing every word these days, but it's also fine with us. Just sayin'; that's how he sent it in, so that's how we posted it. Check out more of Josh's (or Josesh's, if you will) photos over at his tumblr.