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Day Jobs - Violens

No matter how good your band is, you'll never beat Green Mullett Guy as "Coolest Lawyer at the Firm."
Κείμενο Kristen Yoonsoo Kim

Iddo Arad (synth/vox) and Jorge Elbrecht (vox/guitar)

When I met  up with Jorge and Iddo of Violens at Ninth Street Espresso, it was the middle of the afternoon on a 93 degree day. This meant that I was sweating profusely and probably smelling as pretty as I looked. The weather seemed to have no effect on cool and collected keyboardist Iddo Arad, who was already there when I arrived and greeted me with the promise of great coffee at this joint (he seemed like quite the connoisseur). Singer Jorge Elbrecht walked in just a few minutes later, panting from the heat. The first time I had met Jorge, however, things were a lot colder —not only was it a freezing February night, but we had just seen the local coldwave duo Xeno & Oaklander perform at Wierd, a weekly goth night neither of us frequent any longer. Although Violens hits mostly the poppy notes, it made sense that they were also attracted to music of the darker persuasion.

Their latest record, True, dropped a little over a month ago, and it continues with their motif of combining violent and beautiful elements, creating one sonic trip of an album; you can tell it's the result of excellent songwriting and meticulous production. You should pick it up right here.

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