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The Horror Issue

Hey, Horror Fans

David: I'm not from a movie. I'm dressed as Dragon Knight, a character I created. He's a human that was possessed by the spirit of a dragon. He is a good guy even though he looks bad. Getting rid of everything evil is his purpose in life...
VICE Staff
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: I’m not from a movie. I’m dressed as Dragon Knight, a character I created. He’s a human that was possessed by the spirit of a dragon. He is a good guy even though he looks bad. Getting rid of everything evil is his purpose in life. Anything from a human, someone robbing a bank or raping a woman, or anything evil, a devil or demon. I’ll take care of business.

Vice: So you’re married to Dragon Knight. What is your involvement in all this?


Diane: I just dress up too, and I help him out. I have to hold his wings in when he’s walking through crowded areas. They are extremely fragile. He made the entire costume by hand at home!

Jeff Fugate, Headman:

I got this costume on the internet, put the makeup with it, and came up with Headman. If I wear it too long I get a stiff neck. Any more than two hours and it starts getting to me. I made an independent called

Hell’s Fables

. My favorite horror movie is

Evil Dead

because of the whole demon aspect of it, and the possession and stuff.

Vice: Do you have a favorite horror movie, and why?


: My favorite horror movie has got to be

Return of the Living Dead

. It’s comedy horror.

Why are you wearing that Toxic Avenger mask?

I work for Troma. Right now we’re promoting this new movie called


about a zombie chicken.


: I wanted to look like a car-accident victim that went through a windshield, but I ended up becoming this bloody thing. I look like I got scalped. It’s a little bit of glue, latex, and fake blood mixed together. My favorite series is

Friday the 13th

. I am a Jason freak—I love him. I’d say the best Jason was Kane Hodder. He was in parts 7 through 10.


My wife and I are good friends with Dick Warlock, who played Mike Myers in

Halloween 2

. Horror movies inspired me to become a special makeup effects artist, which I’m doing now. I worked on

Land of the Dead

last year. I was on the set doing makeup on background zombies and touch-ups on some of the prosthetics on the zombies too. It was incredible.


Thomas: I play Brad in a production of Rocky Horror.
Vice: Isn’t Brad kind of a fag?
Well, he’s not very “cool,” but I get so much time onstage early in the show that it’s worth it.
Got a favorite horror movie?
The Evil Dead series and the Nightmare on Elm Street series. Vice: And what’s your deal? Are you guys buddies?
Erica: I play Magenta in the same production of Rocky Horror. I’ve been doing it for nine years now. I love monster movies and horror movies. I really like the Japanese stuff like Ringu, and the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre.


: I’m a big collector of horror-movie posters. I have

Nightmare on Elm Street

autographed by Wes Craven, Robert Englund, Heather Langenkamp, and Amanda Wiss. I doubt if I’ll ever meet Johnny Depp to sign it though. I’d probably have to fight off a hundred chicks to meet him! I think my favorite film is

Friday the 13th

. I’m a big Jason fan. He’s the best horror-movie icon.

Vice: Are you into horror movies?


: Very much so. I even collect horror-movie masks.

What do you think of the current state of horror?

I have to say that

Land of the Dead

was a big letdown. I thought the story was horrible. It was pretty boring and too bubblegum. It was teenybopper kid stuff.

True dat!

Vice: Hey, you look like a horror fan. Can you give us some recommendations?

Andrew D. Gore:

They change a lot, but lately I’m pretty hardcore into Japanese horror.

Like what?


Citizen Q

is a great movie.

Why do you like the Japanese stuff?

Something gets lost in the translation. It’s like a gory puzzle.



Dawn of the Dead

is my favorite.

But you must mean the original.

Yeah. I mean, the remake was OK, but zombies that run? Come on.

Well, I don’t know. Why shouldn’t they run?

What? They’re supposed to be all messed up! They should be falling apart.

Jungle-Gym Kim

: I could never pick just one horror movie for my favorite. I’d have to like, sit down and make a list.

The Devil’s Backbone, Battle Royale, Ichi the Killer

… I guess I love the foreign films.

Cool. What else do you do?

I work at a tattoo shop in Maryland, where I’m an apprentice piercer.

Vice: Do you remember what your first horror movie was?

Demonique: I think my first horror movie must have been

Child’s Play

, when I was five. It terrified me.

No duh. You were fucking five. Do you watch a lot of horror now?

Sure. I love all the Asian horror films.


was a good one.

Sandy Sweet Pee

: My favorite is


by Dario Argento. The cinematography is stunning.

Why do you even care about cinematography?

Because I make films, too.


Well, I just did videography for Darkest Hour on the last Ozzfest.




is my favorite, just like my husband here. He got me into horror.

What, you were too chicken to watch it before?

I was always really scared of it before. Now it’s all we watch—it’s all we ever see. All our friends are into horror, too. Horror fans are great people.



: Yep,


is my favorite horror film of all time. I’ve met all the Michaels. My favorite Michael was definitely Nick Castle, from the first film. So much of horror now is just watered down. This whole year, the only good things that came out were

Devil’s Rejects


High Tension



: I really love


, Freddy, Jason, and all that. I’m a classics kind of guy. We done what we gotta do. I mean,

The Devil’s Rejects

is all right. It’s what you’d expect from Rob Zombie. That’s all it is. I feel right at home with the horror crowd. I collect a lot of films. I probably have about 40 or 50.

Billy Graham

: I’m making a documentary about zombie number one, Bill Hinzman.

You know him?

He’s my mentor and compadre.

So I guess your fave horror flick is…

My favorite horror movie—my favorite film of all time—is

Night of the Living Dead



: I’m in a band called Mortician. I do bass and vocals.

What’s the coolest horror movie ever?

The best horror movie is

The Shining

. It’s got the creepy atmosphere and the horror.

What was the best part?

The rotting lady in the bathtub and shit. That was great.

Vice: You know, we’ve been wondering—what is the urge behind horror? Why do people enjoy it? Is it about finding a way to experience fear safely? Is there some primal need to sense danger being fulfilled?


I’m a loan officer in New York, and I’m in a death-metal band called Decomposed.



: I wrote a movie. The plot is: what if I told you I found a way to kill God? It’s the

Lord of the Rings


Star Wars

of vampire movies. It’s only in script form right now. We want to get Peter Jackson to produce it. My fangs are Scarecrow-brand fangs. You just trim them down, shape them to your teeth, and they’ll be awesome.

Vice: What about you?


I’m a big, big Jason fan. I couldn’t pick just one.

Night of the Demons

is great, too. I help my cousin Nicholas here with his movie. I’m the go-to guy. You need me to act, I’ll act. Need me to think up an idea, I’ll think up an idea. All I do is everything else that needs done.

Vice: Are you into the horror scene?


: Absolutely. I’m basically a networker that knows a lot of people in the horror industry. I started back in 1984 working with Anne Rice. By accident, I went to a party and met her, and then I promoted the Vampire Lestat fan club.

That means you can’t go to heaven.


: I’m a monster kid. I started at eight years old with Frankenstein and scared myself up to today with my love of the genre. I’ve been asked whether I have a favorite horror movie before. I have different categories, so it’s hard. I definitely like the crappy ones, like

She Demons and Man Beast




Rue Morgue

magazine is going to level out Fangoria soon. They are going to war, and

Rue Morgue

is winning. My favorite horror film is the original

Village of the Damned


. I obsess over it. I love all the classics. I’d even say that 80 percent of my collection is silent stuff from before 1925.


: I’m working on a new cable network called the Horror Channel. We’re launching soon. I used to go to every


convention. I know personally every guy who’s played Michael Myers, every guy who’s played Jason and Leatherface—I’m on a first-name basis with all of them.


: My favorite horror film is

Last House on the Left


That movie is really harsh.

It touched a nerve. I think it was pretty brilliant for 1972—combining horror and comedy.

What else are you into?

I like killer-animal movies mostly. If it has a giant killer animal, I’m there. It is a pretty specific little genre.


: I run Monster Bash. It’s a horror convention that focuses on the classic monster movies. When I was five, I started liking dinosaurs and monsters, and it just never stopped. I also run Creepy Classics, which is the parent company of Monster Bash. We sell all kinds of old black-and-white monster movies. My favorite is the classic



Mike O’Connell

: I like the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

What’s so special about him? Wasn’t he just a big amphibian guy?

No way. The originality of the monster was the best. He wasn’t a Frankenstein, he wasn’t a Dracula, he wasn’t a guy who turned into a wolf. That creature—that’s who he was.


: I have several favorites, but one is

The Amityville Horror


. The classic one—I have not seen the remake yet. I like the suspense, the red eyes and the flies, and the fact that Margot Kidder was in it. I always admired her. I draw the line at things that are too gory—some things I cannot take!

I love your shirt, by the way.

Mike 3

: I love

The Exorcist

. The writing, the impact it had back in 73… it’s such a well-made movie. Great storytelling for a horror film. Nothing ever since comes close.

What do you do for a living?

Oh, I sell Godzilla DVDs. We are doing less than half the business now that we were in the mid 90s. That was a real boom time for us.

Dominic Camarano

: My favorite horror movie is


and Michael Myers is the best villain.

What’s so great about him?

You never know what’s going on with Michael. He’s a cool guy.

Why are you dressed up like that?

I’m promoting a massive haunted house that’s taking over the Trenton, NJ, Sovereign Bank Arena this month.


: I play drums in a Mötley Crüe tribute band from South Jersey. We’re called Looks That Kill.

OK, but what do you think of horror movies? Do you love stuff from the 80s? That’s the heyday of Mötley Crüe, so…

I’m a really huge Ed Wood fan. I like all the cheesy stuff, like Spider Babe and

House of 1,000 Corpses



: I love

Evil Dead II

. It’s just a lot of fun. I’d also really love to meet R. Lee Ermey.

I don’t think of him as a horror-movie guy.

Well, he was the drill sergeant in

Full Metal Jacket


, but he was also in horror movies like





Was Se7en really a horror movie?

It scared the shit out of me.