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Vice Fashion - These Days

Photos by Louise Enhörning & B.MartinStyling by Hannes HettaWe asked photographer Louise Enhörning to follow one person around like
Κείμενο Louise Enhörning

Photographer Louise Enhörning/B. Martin
Stylist Hannes Hetta
Hair Fumiko
Make-up Valeska We asked photographer Louise Enhörning to follow one person around like shadow to see what happened, and her friend Valeska agreed. We got Valeska dressed up in the morning and then Louise followed her everywhere she went, or watched her go about her routines from a distance. This is what her days were like when no one else was around.


Cashmere dress by Sofia Coppola for Lutz & Patmos, cable jewelry by Bless

It turns out Valeska does a lot of sports, but fencing? Who knew.

Hooded sweatshirt by Muhammad Ali/Adidas Originals

This is outside Valeska’s house. She lives in a really nice neighbourhood, and here she is coming home from the store. She seemed a bit sad this day.

Trench coat by Ramosport, cotton bag by Martin Margiela, tights by Falke, sneakers by Reebok

Jogging was the one thing Valeska got to do on her own. She runs for about 40 minutes, two times a week. She’s going through some love trouble right now, and it’s easy to get the impression she’s keeping herself busy to get away from it.

Cable-knitted jumpsuit by Fabrics Interseason, sneakers by Questar/Adidas Originals

This is Valeska just minutes after getting woken up to have her picture taken in the morning. To top it off she was hung-over. And still heartbroken.

Hooded sweatshirt by Muhammad Ali/Adidas Originals

She loves to party too, which we knew from before. She can drink about three beers before she gets tipsy. The partying might have something to do with the heartache as well.

Fringe dress by Christian Wijnants, long sleeved t-shirt by Yohji Yamamoto, tights by Falke