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The Natives Issue

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This is the only graffiti we saw on the island apart from on the bus shelter.
VICE Staff
Κείμενο VICE Staff

This is the only graffiti we saw on the island apart from on the bus shelter.

There’s wrecked cars all around the island because there are no garages and there’s quite a bit of drunk driving going on. There are only two cops on the island.

This is Barra’s shopping mall. You can get everyhing from food to booze to cigarettes.

These don’t grow here naturally. Thing is, they’re the only trees that can survive so close to the bay because the wind is so vicious.

Fresh fruit and vegetables van. Didn’t really see any evidence of that at the restaurants. Most of the produce comes in on the ferry.

This is a little baby buoy.

Stephen rocks out with his dad in the Lack Pack.

These leaflets are on display in the youth club.

Cover star James (left) DJed at the Saturday night disco. His set was mainly Scottish techno and Robbie Williams.

That’s Mairead on the left who wrote the Gaelic article. They did a dance demonstration for us as well

This is Ian who gave us the sheep’s head stew recipe and is married to Toots. This after a few wee drams.

Scottish imps.

A herd of cows walking along the beach. No big deal. They eat seaweed. That’s what gives Scotch beef its salty taste.

These footprints were still there three days later. Actually, they’re probably still there now.

This is where you go fishing for trout. Sadly it was out of season.

The palm trees by night.

This is a bona fide “wild dog”. They roam the island. The night we got the car stuck on the beach they circled us growling, it was really scary.

A Scottish country pancake.

This fishing boat had seen better days. Like our fisherman friend says on Page 42, the trade is going badly for the little guy.

It was weird how much litter there was lying around. There’s hardly anybody living there so it’s not like people are dropping stuff every day.

Some Germans lived here and they worked as roofers. They weren’t that friendly when we tried to talk to them.

The view from our hotel room was pretty good.