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Day Jobs - Oberhofer

Brad spins on his Apple. (Something about Apples).
Κείμενο Kristen Yoonsoo Kim

Two years ago, when I was 'launching' my 'career' as a 'music writer' (why do I feel so insecure writing that without scare quotes), my very first band interview was with a budding young musician named Brad Oberhofer, who was then just a jumpy teenager attending NYU to study music. It was like one newbie interviewing another newbie, though Brad handled himself much better than I did. Since then, he and his band Oberhofer have blown up (though probably not as much as I have). Take, for instance, the band’s recent appearance on Letterman, even though the talk show host failed to pronounce “Oberhofer” correctly—oopsie David.

I guess I should have figured that musicians who get big at such a young age often skip the day jobs part of life, but I wanted to sit with them anyway. Even though these guys are headed towards serious rockstardom, they’re still boys at heart, as can be evidenced by how quickly this interview turned into a conversation about pissing and shitting. Oh, boys [eyeroll].

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