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Filibustin' with Willie D - Puff, Puff, Pass Drug Legalization

I can't wait until I can buy pot at Walmart.
Willie D
Κείμενο Willie D

The consumption of illegal drugs is a global epidemic. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime concluded in their 2011 World Drug Report that as many as 272 million people between the ages of 15 and 64 used drugs in the previous year. Which means we’ve got more Pookies out there geeking for that feel-good than one might imagine. I bet you didn’t know that more people die from the abuse of prescription drugs than heroin and cocaine combined, but that’s a whole other story…


Everyone knows America isn’t serious about winning the so-called “War on Drugs.” Think about it. If America has the military intelligence and muscle to invade a country and track its president to a hole in an isolated farm, you can’t tell me we couldn’t stop a boat, truck, or airplane loaded with dope from crossing the border and reaching its desired destination.

The problem is there are too many people profiting from the sale of illegal drugs—not just in America, but worldwide. The biggest offenders are first line of defense government employees like border patrol officers and inspectors who turn a blind eye and accept bribes from drug cartels and other smugglers. Once the drugs are successfully in the hands of local drug dealers, corrupt cops, politicians, lobbyists, and companies that invest in jails and prison facilities take payoffs and eat off the misery of family members and people convicted of drug offenses.

Proponents of the War on Drugs substantiate their position by pointing to crime, birth defects, and the financial strain on health services associated with the illegal drug trade. In Mexico alone, 34,612 people were killed in drug violence in 2011. When people hear reports like that or read about a vicious murder that happened as a result of a drug deal gone bad or a crime committed by somebody high on drugs, it gives supporters of the anti-drug movement all the ammunition they need to say, “See there, that’s why we need to lock all of them up and throw away the key.”


If America really wants to eradicate the issue of illegal drugs they have to stop sending these bipolar-ass mixed messages. On one hand they permit drugs to enter the country, and on the other they punish individuals who use, sell, and distribute drugs. They are quick to reel in the little guy, but very seldom does the big fish get hooked. As of the date of this article, the rest of the world is laughing at America because they see the hypocrisy. The war on drugs would be a much easier sell to the rest of the world if America could get its shit together on the home front first. My proposal to stop the madness is as follows…

Legalize the shit! Put it behind the counter, impose age restrictions, and tax it the same way we do all drugs that would otherwise be illegal. The idea of a drug-free America or a drug-free any country is what Mike Tyson would call ludicrous. The world is cold and hell is hot—people cope with adversity differently. Some people run or meditate to relieve stress. Some—like myself—prefer having sex. Then there are those who just want to get fucked up. You can't stop somebody who wants to get high from getting high any more than you can stop the sun from rising in the morning. Likewise, as long as society wants to get fried, you’re not going to stop people from illegally hustling dope no matter how severe the penalty is. There’s just too much money to be gained.


The legalization of drugs would bring the cost down so low that it would drive drug dealers out of business because they wouldn’t be able to compete with the prices that a Walmart could offer. Subsequently, crimes connected to the drug trade will decrease, just as they did after Prohibition. Additionally, the money saved in scaling back the hiring of people who work in law enforcement to fight drug-related crimes could contribute to the annual budget and be used to finance drug prevention and treatment programs without the aid of additional funding sources.

The drug dealers would be pissed but they will survive. Most drug dealers I know have great business minds and don’t mind working overtime. If they applied the same work ethic to a legal business they would be unstoppable. The average businessman would not be able to compete with them. What legitimate businessman do you know who would risk his and his family’s lives or freedom for money?

America, you have more of your citizens in correctional facilities for drug crimes than the total population of some small countries. Like a one-legged man trying to win an ass-kicking contest, the shit ain’t working. Try something else.

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