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As we said here Diamond Nights got an amazing letter scolding them for bad behaviour at SXSW. Well, we got a hold of it. It's from a radio show from Minnesota called The Current.

"Although, they sounded fantastic and were generally great guys…Diamond Nights caused major havoc at our broadcast last night in Austin.  Bringing an entourage of about 10 drunken, drugged out people who had to have hotel security called upon them for riding around on hotel luggage carts drinking boxed wine in our broadcast space.  Not only were their groupies drunk…so was the band.  It was blatantly obvious on the air as they boasted about drinking from a colostomy bag on the stage as they performed. "Now, I know this is rock n' roll but give me a flippin' break.  Maybe you should consider assigning them a babysitter next time.  We had to dump completely out of the broadcast during the second part of the interview because one of the members of their group in the audience screamed and dropped an f-bomb during the live broadcast.  Previous to that they swore during the first part of their performance.  Our engineer thankfully dumped out during that and was able to continue.  But, the second time we just had to cut out completely.  It's a real shame because their performance was fantastic and one that we all looked forward to. "We'll be editing the audio we do have from the performance and posting it on our website.  But, please reconsider letting these fellas fend for themselves with their media related appearances.  They obviously need someone to watch over them.  Thanks again for helping to set this up but it was quite a disappointing disaster."