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Beats And Rhymes

Fritz The Cat ponders the start of the universe.
Κείμενο Fritz The Cat
01 Δεκέμβριος 2003, 12:00am

Some believe the Universe began with a Sound and that since the dawn of humanity, people have been trying to re-create that sound in order to advance the planet beyond the shitty state it's in now.

That sounds like bullshit. When I imagine what the start of the universe sounded like I imagine Variable Unit's (VU) Cold Flow (Wide Hive), featuring contributions from DJ Zeph, Kat Ouano, Gregory Howe, Matt Montgomery, and Sonny Fortune. Yeah, I know it sounds far-fetched, but honestly it's dope. Also, look out for other releases from this contender for label of the year from DJ Zeph, Dissent, Calvin Keys, Open Thought, and the excellent Wide Hive Remixed album. If you're still silent, check their website, and pick up their whole catalog.

I told you about DJ Frane's new one, Electric Garden of Delights (Basement), last month, but you didn't listen, so I'm telling you again. It's your best bet to get to that place, a backdrop to a lack of thought, but a feeling. Also from Basement, Pigeon John Is Dating Your Sister and L.A. Symphony's The End Is Now, both worthy of your attention.

Getting back to my original—somewhat labored—universe theory thread, there are those who believe that man's inherent nature is one of peace, and that it is the work of the Devil to make us do his work. Anyone with half a brain knows that's also bullshit (at least in a literal sense), but in an attempt to maintain a peaceful outlook on life, these records might help: Supersoul's 40 Acres and a Moog (Metatronix), Books on Tape's Sings The Blues (Grey Day), Ghislan Poirier's Beats as Politics (Chocolate Industries).

Some good nasty shit is The Last Poets The Last Poets/This Is Madness (Light in the Attic), undisputed forefathers of this rap shit we all love so much; Lialeh Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Light in the Attic), Bernard Purdie's backdrop to the first black porn movie; and Untinted (Bluenote), the original sources to Madlib's Shades of Blue (Stones Throw).

Getting back to the lighter side of new stuff, I'd highly recommend records like Eyecue's The All Seeing Eye (Below the Surface), Voice Watson's Voice Yours (Access), The Procussions' …As Iron Shapes Iron (Basementalism), The Feenom Circle's The Pawn Shop (Melatone), Factor's Episode Mode Seven (Double Dragon), Chops' Virtuosity (Vocab/Goodbive), and Jermiside's The Biology of Kinship (Grand Scheme).

Finally, to end this special spiritual edition of Beats and Rhymes, I'd like to announce that I've heard it said that there is no one true way for man to relate to his surroundings and his true nature, that the many religions and philosophies are simply different donkeys people ride to the top of the same mountain. I think others choose to be their own donkey and walk up the hill. Perhaps your way is one of action against the injustices you perceive around you, such as the artists who contributed songs to the No More Prisons 2 album (Raptivism); one of finding moments of moving meditation, like on DJ Vadim's Stereo Pictures 3 mixtape (Jazz Fudge); or one of contemplating the seemingly random nature of the universe that often takes some before their time, like PB Wolf's homie Charizma, who's album with Wolf, Big Shots (Stones Throw), is finally seeing the light of day. Instead, you might be inclined toward embracing the emotional tides that we swim through, like the Roughstars (Home Style Cooking), or finding your strength in your individuality, like Graffiti Death Threat's "High Speed Chick Trap" (Entry Label), Lotek Hifi (Big Dada), or The Urban Renewal Project supp. 1.5 (Chocolate Industries). Or maybe you find someone else with a similar view from a different place and create something together, like Zinndeadly and Denadeadly's The Deadly Twins (Zinn).

Top Nine (in no particular order):
1. Variable Unit (VU) Cold Flow (Wide Hive)
2. DJ Frane Electric Garden of Delights (Basement)
3. Supersoul 40 Acres and a Moog (Metatronix)
4. Books on Tape Sings the Blues (Grey Day)
5. Cousins of Def Fried Chicken Flavored (Low Pressure)
6. DJ Vadim Stereo Pictures 3 (Jazz Fudge)
7. Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf Big Shots (Stones Throw)
8. Beans Mutescreamer 7" (Warp)
9. V/A Wide Hive Remixed (Wide Hive)