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Meet the Internet's 24-Year-Old 'King of Spam'

Every once in a while, we match a face to junkmail.
Janus Rose
Κείμενο Janus Rose
New York, United States

Apart from the networks of infected computers and poorly-translated emails offering shady pharmaceutical drugs, the inner workings of the shadowy criminal empires that deal in Internet spam remain a mystery. Every once in a while though, we match a face to junkmail. He’s called “the King of Spam” among members of the internet’s seedy underground, and now he’s been caught by authorities — 24 year old Oleg Nikolaenko, aka “Docent,” is the alleged owner of the “Mega-D” botnet, an enormous web of zombie-computers that collectively sends around 10 billion spam messages per day.

What’s more, they’ve found chat logs of his conversations with clients, which include sketchy pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers of counterfeit goods and spam affiliate networks representing all of the above.

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