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Dear VICE - I'm a Real Photographer

This reader sent in a photo of their Goddaughter showing how to pose with a Winchester .44.
VICE Staff
Κείμενο VICE Staff

Dear VICE,

Thought you guys might like to see a proper photo. Not some balls urban decay scape or shit graffiti, but my hard as nails Goddaughter from Patagonia showing how to pose with a Winchester .44 Not that she even knows what a gun is - she s only 3, but she knows how to give you a look that says "que quieres pelotudo?"you can put it on your front cover if you likejules


via email

Vice sez - Jesus Christ Jules. Thanks for the proper photo. I wish you could learn how to properly punctuate your sentences though. Have you ever read our publication? We tend to stay away from graffiti in general, and especially "shit graffiti." Was this supposed to go to Juxtapoz? And do you really think a photo of a kid with a gun is the best thing to offer as an example of good photography? Is it some sort of statement on innocence and violence? Because it's been done and done and done and done and, shit Jules, I'm not going to keep going, but you get the point. It's just a really, really bad thing to take a picture of.