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The Brazilian Issue

A Brazilian In... Montreal & Stockholm

It’s a very nice city. Not many buildings. Everything is far apart. There’s a lot of nature, but not much to do at night.
02 Μάιος 2009, 12:00am

Victor Carvalho Burnett

Vice: Let me guess... You’re from Rio?


Oops. What’s it like in Brasília?

When did you leave?

Oh, you just got here! Why did you leave Brazil?

Why Montreal?

What did you think of your first winter here?

Just you wait. Are the girls here as pretty as the girls at home?

Was it difficult to get a work visa?

Do Canadians out-polite Brazilians?

We’re really just passive-aggressive. So have you found a job yet?

That’s great. What do you do?

Do you speak any French?

Tabernac! You’ll get the hang of it. Have you been going out a lot since you got here?

What do you miss about Brazil?

That’s it? Nothing about the city you grew up in?

Not even the food?

Ricardo Cerqueira

Vice: What a cute baby!


With a name like that, I’m not surprised. So you flew to Stockholm for love?

Aw, that’s so romantic! Is she the mother of your baby?

What did you do back in Brazil?

Do you have a visa?

Did you know a lot about Sweden before you arrived?

Sweden has imported lots of Brazilian soccer players. Have you bumped into any of them?

Do you think you’ll ever move back?

What’s the first thing you’ll do when you go back?

Do you find Stockholm tame and safe compared to Brazil?