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Beats And Rhymes

It ain't how much you say, it's what you say. I got no fuckin' time on the page to play.
Κείμενο Fritz The Cat

Styles of Beyond


It ain’t how much you say, it’s what you say. I got no fuckin’ time on the page to play.
So yesterday I get an envelope at my door. Return address says “Spytech Records,” and I’m happy as fuck. Why? Because about a week before, DJ Cheapshot told me he was mailing an advance copy of the new Styles of Beyond record, Megadef, and this is it. Immediately the CD hits my Walkman and I hit the streets. Two full run-throughs later, I can tell you that this album is going to be on a gang of top-ten lists for this year (and at least one top nine). A bit of a more mature and less dense sound than their last one. MCs Ryu and Takbir are two of the sharpest swords in the game, and the production by the Flavor Crystals (Cheapshot and Vin Skully) will have rappers coast to coast trying to get down. The first single, “Mr. Brown,” will be out by the time you read this, with the album following shortly. Another highly anticipated return is the Funk Superhero himself, Son Doobie (of Funkdoobiest), out now on Battleaxe Records. Papi Chulo is back with his patented high-pitched, porn-flavored funk, with sunshine beats courtesy of Rob the Viking, Kemo, and others. Some light-hearted fun shit, it’s not likely to change your world, but it will add some good feeling to your backyard party while funneling Pabst this summer. Two more underground legends making plays to be the soundtrack to your summer are MF Doom (as Viktor Vaughn) and Myka Nyne (Mikah 9). On Myka Nyne’s A Work in Progress (, the cat holds down his spot as a West Coast innovator, and brings along Saafir (!), RBX (!!), and even X-Clan’s Brother J (!!!) for the ryde. You really can’t sleep on this one. As for Doom, he’s always been one of my favorite MCs, and after this album he won’t lose his spot on my list anytime soon. With his trademark dark-drunken-drawl style over moody production, Vaudeville Villain is a victory for both the artist formerly known as Zevlove X and Sound Ink Records ( A cat I’ve been keeping my eye on for a long time now is Vancouver’s Birdapres. Following up last year’s Alleged Legends album with DJ Moves (Peanuts and Corn), he just hit me with an EP’s worth of new songs, easily his best shit yet. Watch out for this cat so you’re not out of the loop when everybody is talking about him. Hit him up at, and if you ask nicely, maybe you’ll get yours. Since Cannibal Ox made a name for themselves with last year’s Def Jux-released album, it’s now time for their crew, Atoms Family, to step into the spotlight with Atoms Family Archives, Vol. I. This is sure to get all you net-fiends open, and for the rest of you out there, it’s worth checking for. Toronto-based ska/rock/rap group the Salads have dropped their mad new album, Fold A to B (Kindling Music), a having-a-good-time-for-the-sake-of-having-a-good-time record that does a great job of capturing their energetic live shows. Pick it up (and listen for the hidden track, featuring a drunken rant from some cat you might be familiar with). Also got a couple of mix tapes I want to mention: Heavyweights’ First Round Knockout ( and Skratch Bastid’s Blazin, both hittin’ you with just the right mix of shit you’ve heard and shit you haven’t. FRITZ THA CAT


Top Nine (in no particular order)

1. Styles of Beyond “Mr. Brown” (Spytech)

2. Son Doobie Funk Superhero (Battleaxe)

3. Viktor Vaughn Vaudeville Villain (Sound Ink)

4. Myka Nyne A Work in Progress (Entagrate)

5. Birdapres demo (

6. Maroons “Lester Hayes” (Quannum)

7 DJ Vadim feat. Slug “Edie Brikell” (Ninja Tune)

8. Greyboy “Genevieve” (Ubiquity)

9. OUO “Crunchtime” (OUO)