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He's massive.
Κείμενο Suburban Dwight

Photo by Miss Polly Tox

The Mistakanme, sorry, Mistakeman is a funky Turkish guy from Munich called Bülent Kullukcu who’s constantly making mistakes. So while this is is bad news for his personal life—he always picks the wrong girl and is forever losing things—it works wonders for his music, since all music originates from mistakes. Melody and inspiration come from experimentation and improvisation.
Over the years, Bülent has been involved in some of Bavaria’s finest electro-trash-pop-punk projects, like Digital Hassan Orchestra, Hart Of Noise and Generation Aldi. He’s just started a fashion label named Last Shirt, producing t-shirts that come with a cassette attached so you can wear the shirt and somehow listen to a track called “Fuck My Soul”.  His latest and greatest mistake arrives in the form of The Mistakeman’s Rong Is Wright, an album of smacky sludge rock and perky electro pop. One track, “Brad Davis”, features Club Le Bomb minx Catriona Shaw singing about the actor who played the lead in Midnight Express, the film in which an American student is caught smuggling dope into Turkey—whoops, big mistake!—and is brutalised in jail. VICE: What’s wrong? Mistakeman: Everything what is going on my nerves: bad music, bad movies, bad sex, bad friends, bad food, bad parties, bad stock car races, bad graffiti, bad ambient, bad metal, bad magazines, bad fashion, bad labels, bad holidays, bad lies, bad love, bad snow, bad forests, bad 80s ties, bad girls, bad punks, bad boys, bad dogs, bad mistakers, bad bads. Everything comes from mistakes, doesn’t it? We must think about what is a mistake! A definition could be that every mistake is the beginning of every rightness! Mistakes are very charming things. But mistakes could also be very bad for the person who does the mistakes and the people who feel the mistakes. I suppose that humans like more people with mistakes than the perfect person. How did The Mistakeman come about? The first mistake song “Right” was a birthday present for my good friend Mooner. Then I get a job to do the music for a German Dogma movie, Chicken Salad To Disaster, and so I decided to do a whole album with this shit. What do the girls love about The Mistakeman? They love his passion, screamings, ass and sweat! And his rock’n’roll red head! And I don’t forget my condoms. SUBURBAN DWIGHT