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Cry-Baby of the Week

This week: A family who is threatening to sue their neighbors because of a wheelchair ramp Vs. A family that fled America because of gays and abortions.
Jamie Lee Taete
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It's time, once again, to name and shame the week's biggest pussies. Featuring TWO families with unpronounceable names that begin with the letter G.

Cry-Baby #1: The neighbors of the Giesegh family

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The incident: A family in Colorado installed a wheelchair ramp on their home.

The appropriate response: Nothing.

The actual response: Their neighbors are threatening to take legal action against them.


Vincent and Heidi Giesegh have a 16-year-old daughter with cerebral palsy. Because of this, they installed a wheelchair ramp on their home.

In an interview with 11 News, Vincent said, "We're trying to do our best to assist our daughter with her daily needs to get in and out of the house." Adding, "As she goes into her spastic modes, we could just tumble down the stairs and both of us could get massively hurt." But, really, he doesn't need to explain any of that. Having a ramp on your house if someone who lives there needs one is a no-brainer.

According to the Gieseghs, their neighbors got in touch at some point last week asking them to remove the ramp, as they were afraid it would lower the value of their property.

They said that if the Gieseghs refused, they would take legal action against them.

A lawyer from the Denver-based Civil Rights Education and Enforcement Center told News 11 that the ramp is completely legal due to something called the Fair Housing Act. If the neighbors do take legal action, they're unlikely to win.

11 News tried to speak to the neighbors to get their side of the story, but they declined to comment.

Cry-Baby #2: The Gastonguay Family

The incident: A family got fed up with abortion, homosexuality, and the state's influence in the church.

The appropriate response: To stop being idiots.

The actual response: They attempted to sail to the small island nation of Kiribati, almost dying in the process.


Back in May, the Gastonguay family from Northern Arizona tired of living in a country that didn't satisfy their interests as shitty human beings. Hannah, the 26-year-old mother of the family, said that they were tired of “abortion [and] homosexuality, in the state-controlled church.”

So, despite not really being able to sail, they decided to attempt to sail to a place called Kiribati, a tiny island nation over by Australia somewhere. They picked Kiribati as they believed it to be "one of the least developed countries in the world."

Hannah, her husband Sean, Sean's father Mike, and their 2 daughters, 3-year-old Ardith, and 8-month-old Rahab set sail from San Diego back in May. They had limited sailing knowledge, and no real idea of where they were heading, but, Hannah told the Associated Press, they "decided to take a leap of faith and see where God led us."

A few weeks into the journey, the family hit a series of storms that severely damaged their boat, causing them to become adrift for 91 days.

Toward the end, they were getting low on supplies. But, Hannah says, they never thought they were going to die, "We believed God would see us through," she said.

Eventually, God delivered, and they were spotted by a helicopter who reported their whereabouts to a Venezuelan fishing boat, who transferred them to a Japanese cargo ship, who took them to Chile.

The US Embassy arranged flights back to the US for them.


Hannah described their time lost at sea as being "pretty exciting" but also "a little scary at certain points."

They now plan to “go back to Arizona” and “come up with a new plan.” Because, despite almost killing themseves by being fucking crazy, their 2 daughters have not been taken away.


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