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Baseball Fans Are Total Dicks

It's science.
10 Απρίλιος 2012, 6:20pm

There’s no question that most baseball players are dicks. Alex Rodriguez and Roger Clemens come to mind. It seems that the main reason everyone thinks Derek Jeter is so classy is that he is, simply, not a dick (perhaps he’s merely “dick-esque”), which is contrary to what you’d expect from a career player on the New York Yankees, perhaps the dickiest team in baseball. Their rivals, the Boston Red Sox, are equally if not more dickish, and their dick-swinging rivalry emanates so much dickishness that the fans are perhaps more dickish than anyone.

A survey-based study done by researchers at Brown, Hofstra, and Boston University, has recently supported the above claim. Psychologists A.J. Durwin, Fiery Cushman, and Chaz Lively asked fans leaving New York’s Yankee Stadium and Boston’s Fenway Park a simple baseball-themed moral conundrum: If a player on, say, the Florida Marlins, throws at and hits a batter on the Arizona Diamondbacks (whose jerseys bring to mind a baseball-appropriate adjective), and an inning later, a Diamondbacks pitcher retaliates by beaning a previously uninvolved batter for the Marlins, is that morally OK?

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