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An Important Message from Lil Bub

The cutest cat in the entire universe has something to tell you. It's a short message, but it took her like 30 minutes to type it up because her adorable paws are so tiny.
Κείμενο Andy Capper

Yesterday we got on the phone with the cutest cat on the internet and her owner, Mike Bridavsky. We've grown to know and love the two of them while making this documentary:

We were like: "Mike, you've gotta get Bub to encourage people to vote for Obama and not the fucking crazy person, Mitt Romney." At first he was like: "Nah, Bub is totally apolitical." But when we pointed out how many of Romney's policies are anti-women and pro-bad vibes and anti-everything Bub stands for, he finally caved in and got Bub to write this post. It took her 30 minutes to type it because her paws are so small.

Please read and let it change your mind if you're on the fence re: voting today. Hi it’s me, BUB! November 6, 2012 is a big day for the USA. As a tiny amazing cat I’m not allowed to vote, but I encourage all of you to go out tomorrow and cast your ballot. If you love me you’ll do it. Love me. Do it.
I’ve been asked a lot about which dude I “endorse” as the leader of your country. Since I am just a cat, and not even from your planet, I have mostly refrained from speaking up. But today I realized that I am a woman cat, and as a woman I feel I have a responsibility to encourage my friends to vote for that one guy who actually seems to care about women and our choices. This is not an endorsement; it’s an attempt to make sure the wrong guy doesn’t win.
As an underdog and a woman, I encourage anyone who roots for the underdog, anyone who cares about women’s choices, and anyone who cares about the future of this entire planet to get off their butts and use their opposable thumbs to vote for the person who has been outspoken about supporting our views and helping us keep the rights we deserve.
I hope that I, BUB, at the very least can convince those of you who weren’t planning on it to go out and vote. If anything, do it for me. It would be the best gift ever! Also, I should take this opportunity to point out that writing in “Lil Bub” on your ballot is seriously the WORST IDEA EVER. No one will ever know how clever it was that you did it, and it’s a wasted vote. And yes, people have seriously been talking about this. If you love me, please don’t do this. Thank you.

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