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Fight For Your Right!

After hearing the Beasties' new album, To The 5 Boroughs, we could only think about two things.

Photo by Ricky Powell

After hearing the Beasties' new album, To The 5 Boroughs, we could only think about two things. One: "That sounded a lot like the last album only with better beats and way cornier lyrics (‘On the L I'm doin' swell'?)." Two: "LET'S PARTY!" So we went to their studio to see about bringing it on. After all, aren't these the guys with the big dink thing on stage with the beer flying everywhere and the hot Asians being passed around? Right when we were thinking that, my man Mike D walked into the room along with King Ad Rock, hey-oh!

Mike D (to PR guy Steve): Yauch isn't here, and I'm just texting him now to find out where he is, all right?
Steve: Sure, if you don't make it to The Fader shoot, it's not my problem. Hey, these are the guys from Vice.
[Pleasantries exchanged.]
Guys, why don't you tell them your idea? VICE: Well, we were thinking Ad Rock could interview the other guys—tell them they're amazing and stuff like that. The reader would be like, "Who is this asslicker?" and they wouldn't know it was Adam until they got to the byline.
Mike D: [after texting Yauch] OK, why don't we just go to where he is and tell the photographer to meet us there?
Steve: OK. Did you hear the Vice pitch?
Mike D: What?
Ad Rock: Apparently I'm supposed to be licking your ass or something. Well, you could do it any way you want, really. You wouldn't even have to do it with a microphone. You could just email back and forth.
Mike D: We're always around each other. It would actually be stupid to do it by email because we'd be emailing someone we're right next to. Well, that's our idea. I don't know. Maybe it will grow on you.
Mike D: Yeah, right, as soon as you guys leave and this place empties out, all of a sudden it will be a completely different idea. Then we'll love it. [Turns around and goes back to text messaging.] OK, I guess we're going to go then.
Ad Rock: All right.