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Day Jobs - Veronica Falls

Apparently the London-based quartet Veronica Falls makes ends meet by selling things on eBay and doing a little bit of dancing.
Κείμενο Kristen Yoonsoo Kim

The idea behind this column is to talk to bands about whatever it is they do in their downtime. You know, those fleeting moments where beer doesn't pass as currency and you have to actually come up with money for rent and food and stuff.

This week we talked to the London-based quartet Veronica Falls. These cuties write songs about love and heartbreak with pretty, fuzzy sounds that make you just want to coddle them and protect them from all the bad in the world. Even though their interests lie in pleasant things like art, photography, and records, the band has had their fair share of odd and dirty jobs before they were united by their love for 60s music. We sat down with members Roxanne, James, Marion, and Patrick backstage at Music Hall of Williamsburg as they listed off all the bizarre gigs they’ve juggled in the past.


NOISEY: So you’re on a North American/European tour right now. What do you do when you’re not on the road?
Roxanne: We’re really busy but we do a bunch of different things. Sometimes I work at a record label, I nanny, I take photographs… James does screen printing.

Did you guys go to art school?
James: Yes, but I studied music there.

I was chatting with the singer of the opening band when I was waiting for you guys earlier. He said you guys were super young—like, too young to have day jobs.
Marion: What?
Patrick: Too young to work in a shop? No, we’re really not that young. 
Roxanne: We’re all in our mid-20s.
Patrick: That’s nice that he thought we were that young.

Yeah, I came into this interview expecting all of you guys to be going through puberty!
I think they’re younger than us, actually.

Since we cleared that up, what were you guys doing before Veronica Falls?
Marion: I used to work at MTV doing some programming and for the Sci-Fi channel as well. But I haven’t done that in a while.
Patrick: I was working part-time at a bar but I quit last year. I was supposed to start a new job a couple weeks ago but it didn’t happen. So… nothing.
Roxanne: We do this and that, like sell things on eBay, a little bit of dancing, you know.

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