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Our Mystic Gave Us the Inside Scoop on 2013

The year 2012 didn’t end up being the apocalyptic Mayan bloodbath we all expected. So, since we're going to be dicking around here for a while longer, what can we expect from 2013? To answer this question we called our go-to for all things mystical...
Κείμενο Brad Casey

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The year 2012 didn’t end up being the apocalyptic Mayan bloodbath we all expected. So, since we're going to be dicking around here for a while longer, what can we expect from 2013? To answer this question we called our go-to for all things mystical, Tara Greene, who once warned us to keep our technology safe during Mercury Retrograde. I asked her to do a Tarot reading for 2013 and what she came up with was not reassuring: Positive energy through February, but a strong possibility for war in March; things get better through August, though there’s a chance of flooding; peace talks in September, but total economic breakdown in October; picking up the pieces in November only to be completely disappointed in December. Sounds bad, right? We asked Tara more about what’s going to happen this year and whether or not we’re completely fucked.


VICE: Your reading for 2013 seems bleak. Is there any hope?
Tara Greene: There are three things you need to remember. First, April is a very interesting card. It’s called the Wishing Card and it’s at the root of this whole chart. It says that what you believe or what you wish for is how you’re going to influence events in the world, so people need to stay very positive. Second, the thirteenth card indicates a sense of everybody having to pull together, everybody having to give up something to keep the whole economy and the world running. Finally, there are two major cards in this reading and that signifies a sense of extreme diplomacy, people working together, that sense of duality, communication, choices—major choices going on in this year as well.

So it seems to me that 2013 will set the stage for 2014. There won’t be much finality to 2013; there will be a lot more questions asked than answers given, correct?
Yes. It’ll be a very big rollercoaster. We’re going into the year of the snake. The undulations of the snake very much describe the rhythm of this coming year. And the snake is a very ancient symbol of rebirth, so there will be a shedding of the old skin; the rebirth of the new. I would say that’s a very good, positive symbol for this year.

What’s happening is the world is in a midlife crisis and the whole spirit of the breakdown of corporations, of culture of the old systems and innovation, of revolution, of freedom, it’s very much on the front burner beginning in 2011 all the way to 2015. So we’re going to see things break down further and further and further. But the danger is that it’s already becoming very fascist, so the big powers that want to hold onto their power are going to push back and resist harder and harder. What we can see with people in the streets with Idle No More and Occupy, those are just the beginning stages of more and more revolution going on in the world.


Also, if you look at 2013 numerologically, the number 13 in the Tarot is the symbol of death and rebirth. So the numerology and the Chinese symbols are overlapping again in the sense that the old has to go, but it’s a difficult birth. People are making it difficult—they’re not going with the flow, they’re not going with the change, and the Earth changes and all the climate changes are part of that, forcing people to change the way they look at the world, how we’ve been used to living all this year, we’ve been living in a big bubble for a long time.

Let’s move on to more specific things. Where is the best place to be, physically, on the Earth this year?
I would say that people need to definitely be away from coastal waters. There are going to be more tsunamis and more hurricanes and tornadoes and all that stuff, so I think the more inland you are, the better. In terms of good energy, nothing comes immediately. Iceland is a good place to be. Australia, no. Any country where eclipses fall over the country—those are not good places to be. All I can see for 2013 is huge upheavals everywhere. So in terms of good energy I would say the best energy place to be is in your own heart. Be meditative, be clear, be calm, be secure inside of oneself so wherever you go, you’ll be protected.

And how about fashion trends?
There’s going to be a lot of bright, lovely, heart-centered colors like pinks and greens, which are heart chakra colors. And a lot of gray. So two styles, very optimistic, very 60s inspired as well as other very technical, very sombre gray suits, very tailored. So again, a sense of dichotomies.


And what about music trends?
Everything is going to stay about the same.

Bummer. What about celebrities? There are going to be some famous babies born. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are having a child, so are Kate Middleton and Prince William.
You want to know if it’s going to be a boy or a girl?

Of course.
I think Kanye and Kim will have a boy. As far as William and Kate go, what’s interesting about that is when I first tuned into it I saw a girl, and then I saw a boy. So I believe it’s going to be twins. I’m getting a pretty positive reading on that.

What about celebrity deaths? Who will we lose this year?
Sylvester Stallone is going to have a heart attack. He’s not going to die, but he’s going to have a heart attack. I did see Prince Philip passing away in October of a heart attack. I also saw Jack Nicholson having some major health issues. Chavez is getting worse and worse, he’s going to pass away in the next few months. Also Fidel Castro. Not many celebrities passing away this year though.

Since we’re on the topic of death, what about medicine? Will we see any cures? Will we get the red plague?
I see a breakthrough in MS and some cures for cancer… for some cancers. There will be a cure for MS announced. Also, certain kinds of cancers are going to be able to be blocked or held back. More so stomach cancers and things like that. Certain types, not all of them.

Anything else we should know about before we start 2013?
The only thing is people’s fear of change. I think you should stay positive, hopeful, and optimistic, especially since the nine of cups, which is traditionally called the wishing card, was in the root of the reading that I did. In terms of the world, I’d say the more positive and benevolent you are, and the more you give back to the world, the more you’ll receive. So it’s really about staying in the heart. We have to get through this destruction for everything to rebirth itself. It can be a good thing. Yes, it hurts, but after a while you’ll see this is a positive thing. We should be hopeful. I think it’s a good thing.


I also think they’re going to find a planet with other forms of life on it, which is going to change the way people think about everything. Religion, life forms, all of that. I think everything is up for grabs. And this is just the beginning of it, really.

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