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Religions Are Cults

I’m an atheist-scientologist. It’s really simple. The reason I look toward Scientology is because it’s a religion mostly based on science and fact. I don’t believe in cosmos or agnosticism. I believe there’s just life on Earth and then you die. It’s...
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If there’s only supposed to be one God, why are there so many religions? Why are there so many beliefs? Why do certain beliefs clash with others? I’m just confused about the whole thing. And if God made man in his image, then what image is God? Is God black, white, or Chinese? Is God a woman? A midget? I mean: What is God? To me religion is a scam, a way to control society. It doesn’t make any sense. It does not make any sense.


I question the fact that there are a million reasons why there supposedly is a God, but people are hesitant to explore the reasons why there might not be a God. For example, why do most girls have their first period before they’re 13? Why do girls have periods so early in life? If there was a God, this might be different. Our society tries to put religious stipulations on sex, but biology has different plans. What does it mean for a girl to have her period? That means she’s ready to have sex and give birth, right? But, depending on which state you live in, our laws say you can’t have sex till you are 16 or whatever. A lot of times our laws contradict what our God—if there is a God—says. The whole system is backward, messed up, and corrupt.

There are no buts about it. The government has been mixed with religion. The most confusing part is that many different religions believe in one God, but some don’t. It’s like, which god should I believe in? Which one is the best? With some religions you have to pick a god and the others you ignore. What’s that about?

I will admit that it’s weird to believe that there is no God and nothing after death. Is that why religion was invented? Is it because people think life is so bad, there has to be something after death—something different? What if there is no life after death? What if it’s just blackness? I for one believe there is no afterlife. We’re just like cockroaches. It’s real simple: Dying is like never being born. Do you understand now? It’s the same thing.


I’ve always been a really common-sense type of man. Long ago I figured out that religion doesn’t make sense. If there was a God, why is there so much pain and suffering and so many wars? Science says man was created of, by, and for evil. If God exists, then God rules the heavens, and Satan rules the earth. Terror. We’re born of evil. As little kids what’s the word we always hear? No. We always hear no. “No, don’t do that. Don’t do this. No. No. No. Don’t.” This is because most of the human species is evil. We’re born of Satan, of Earth. Some get it a lot quicker. Some don’t get it at all: namely, those who commit crimes, murderers, and rapists. They do not get anything, and yet these are the people who will never convert. Darkness reigns.

I’m an atheist-Scientologist. It’s really simple. The reason why I look toward Scientology as an acceptable alternative is because it’s a religion mostly based on science and fact. I think Scientology is closer to atheism than anything else. I don’t believe in cosmos or agnosticism. I believe there’s just life on Earth and then you die. It’s the same as never being born. I think religions are cults. They’re cliques; they’re gangs. They know how to control the masses.

I haven’t examined each religion in detail to know if one is worse. I think every religion is hypocritical. If you don’t agree with one, then you’re fighting against another. Religions confuse people. People’s religions aren’t based on fact. They’re more like theories about what may have happened in the past. Religion is a form of brainwashing.


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