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Vice Fashion - Stuff I Love

Photos by Fredrik SkogkvistStyling by Kattis LindofBRITA My first stuffed animals was a frame with butterflies and insects and
Κείμενο Fredrik Skogkvist

Photographer: Fredrik Skogkvist/Family
Stylist: Kattis Lindof/LinkDetails
Stylist assistant: Dan Jaget
Casting assistant: Tony Dahlgren


My first stuffed animals was a frame with butterflies and insects and seahorses, and since then I’ve just kept buying more. Stuffed pets are always weird, like these canaries. I don’t know if I could stuff my cat. Maybe if I had her for like ten years or something. It’d be better than burning her or whatever.


Top vintage, west by Pudel, jeans by Diesel


When I buy Air Jordans I buy doubles, one pair to wear and one pair to save. I’m not sure what I’m saving for. I don’t even want to think about the amount of money I’ve spent on them. The most expensive pair cost $2.500. I don’t have most of them at my apartment, I store them at my parents’ place. Their home insurance is better.

T-shirt by Schwipe/Odd Number, trousers by Carhartt, sneakers by Nike Air Jordan


The thing with these jeans is they’re all sort of limited, and I always leave all the tags on. I only really wear three pairs of jeans. The ones I’m wearing now are my fancy jeans, I’d wear them to my prom.

Top by BuddhistPunk/le Shop, pins by le Shop, jeans model’s own, shoes vintage


It doesn’t really matter which way the pentagram is turned, not for people into witchcraft at least. There are different levels of initiation, and an upside-down pentagram might just mean you’ve reached a certain level. In Black Metal I think the upside down thing also just fits really well with a goat. I bought this necklace in a great bookstore in London. Witchcraft was banned in the UK up until –51 you know.

Jeans by Acne, T-shirt and jewellery models own


I call them Barbie shoes, but they’re really more like kids’ shoes. Not that I can imagine a kid actually wearing them, they’re totally misshapen. I don’t think collecting is in my genes, but I’m pretty sure I’ve been led into it. My mum has an insanely large collection of candy—lollipops shaped as the baby Jesus and stuff like that.


Cardigan by Burfitt, shorts by Carin Wester, tights by Blue Fox, shoes vintage


I started collecting comics when I was about twelve or 13—things like Heavy Metal, Marvel, Fantagraphics, Epix, Pox, DC. What character in The Simpsons I’d be? I hope I’m not Dr. Hibbert, who’s always laughing at his own jokes.

Sweater by Umbro by Kim Jones, jeans by Edwin, shoes model’s own