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Street Poll

With all the public groping, it looks like Keating will finally rid us of the royal family for good.


Vice: So, when Australia becomes a republic, who should be the first president?
Helena: Alan Fels.

And what should be on the
Australian Flag?
Not the Union Jack. I like the Southern Cross, but maybe with some Aboriginal colours or something.

Lastly, who should write the
new anthem?
Paul Kelly.


Who should be the first president of the Republic of Australia?
Daniel: What she said.

What should be on the flag?
Native animals.

Who should write the anthem?
Kev Carmody.   GARETH

Who would you like to see as Australia’s first president?
Gareth: Anyone of the cast members of Home & Away. That’s pretty much my entire cultural reference having grown up in Ireland.

What should our flag look like?
It should have a kangaroo on it but it should be kangaroo shaped also.

Finally, who do you think should write the new anthem?


When Australia drops the monarchy, who should be Head of State?
Hayely: The designer David Hicks because I think he has some good personal style he could give to Australia.

And who should design the new flag?
I reckon David Hicks would be a good contender for it.

Last question: who should write the new anthem? Let me guess, David Hicks?
Um, some awesome artist, say, Daryl Braithwaite.


So Kelly, who do you think the President of Australia should be?
Kelly: Mel Gibson.

What should be on the new flag?
Ah, I don’t know about that one. I think it should be the Aboriginal flag.

And who should be asked to write the new national anthem?
Will Oldham.


Ok Robert, who should be Australia’s President?
Robert: Pauline Hanson. Stong Leader.

What should be on the new flag?
A koala.

And who should write the national anthem?
Not the guy from Midnight Oil.